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MobileDevice NoObjC attempt.
var $ = require('NodObjC')
, ffi = require('node-ffi')
function callback (info, foo) {
console.log('inside callback!')
// Get a function pointer to the callback function above
var cb = new ffi.Callback([ 'void', ['pointer', 'pointer']], callback)
, cb_ptr = cb.getPointer()
// Define am_device_notification
var am_device_notification = ffi.Struct([
['uint32', 'unknown0'],
['uint32', 'unknown1'],
['uint32', 'unknown2'],
['pointer', 'callback'],
['uint32', 'unknown3']
// create an instance of am_device_notification
var notif = new am_device_notification()
notif.unknown0 = 0 // <- idk what's supposed to go in these
$.AMDeviceNotificationSubscribe(cb_ptr, 0, 0, null, notif.ref());

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@bored-engineer bored-engineer commented Sep 27, 2011

We should pull am_device_notification from the Header too... since that's possible now...

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