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Censorship of the news site TMI in Malaysia

A few of the RIPE Atlas probes in Malaysia sees the censorship: the rest is using its own resolver, or a VPN, or a public DNS resolver.

% atlas-resolve -r 500 -c MY
[] : 19 occurrences 
[] : 4 occurrences 
Test #3585216 done at 2016-02-28T10:40:24Z

The news site TMI - The Malaysian Insider banned in Malaysis, through lying DNS resolvers. is the real IP address. belongs to Telekom Malaysia. It tests the HTTP Host: header (otherwise, you get a 404) and displays:

MAKLUMAN Laman sesawang ini tidak dapat diakses di Malaysia kerana kandungannya melanggar undang-undang negara.
This website is not available in Malaysia as it violate(s) the National law(s).
Untuk maklumat lanjut / for more information click here


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@bortzmeyer bortzmeyer commented Feb 28, 2016

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