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boserup / apple-event.js
Created September 15, 2020 20:01 — forked from marco79cgn/apple-event.js
Widget which opens the Apple Event Stream on YouTube
let widget = new ListWidget()
widget.url = ""
widget.backgroundColor = new Color("#FFFFFF")
await loadImage("")
boserup / Tweak.xm
Created October 14, 2015 11:22 — forked from steventroughtonsmith/Tweak.xm
iOS 9 Enable Splitscreen Jailbreak Tweak (Theos)
/* How to Hook with Logos
Hooks are written with syntax similar to that of an Objective-C @implementation.
You don't need to #include <substrate.h>, it will be done automatically, as will
the generation of a class list and an automatic constructor.
%hook ClassName
// Hooking a class method
+ (id)sharedInstance {