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Created March 10, 2014 18:29
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What would you like to do? do |s| = "CocoaScript"
s.version = "1.0"
s.summary = "CocoaScript is a scripting language for Mac OS X built on top of JavaScript, with a bridge to Apple's Cocoa libraries. You can use it to communicate with other applications just like AppleScript does."
s.homepage = ""
s.license = "MIT" = {"Gus Mueller" => ""}
s.source = {:git => ""}
s.source_files = "src/framework/**/*.{h,m}"
s.prefix_header_file = 'src/framework/CocoaScript_Prefix.pch'
s.requires_arc = true
s.exclude_files = "src/framework/mocha/Utilities/MOMapTable.m", "src/framework/todparsekit/**/*.{h,m}", "**/main.m"
s.subspec 'no-arc' do |sna|
sna.requires_arc = false
sna.source_files = "src/framework/mocha/Utilities/MOMapTable.m", "src/framework/todparsekit/**/*.{h,m}"
sna.exclude_files = "src/framework/todparsekit/**/TDSignificantWhitespaceState.{h,m}"
s.libraries = 'ffi'
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