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Last active April 1, 2017 19:19
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;; Macros to support placing definitions
;; proved to be correct in ACL2S begginer mode into a clojure program
;; ACL2SCode is one of
;; -- Symbol
;; -- Number
;; -- |List ACL2SCode|
(defonce acl2s-substitutions
'((listp list?)
(consp cons?)
(endp empty?)
(rev reverse)
(app concat)
(equal =)
(integerp integer?)
(natp (fn [n] (or (= n 0)
(and (pos? n) (integer? n)))))
(posp (fn [n] (and (pos? n) (integer? n))))
(integerp integer?)
(t true)
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Symbol, |List |List Symbol Symbol|| -> Symbol
;; Takes in a symbol and a list of possible replacements
;; for that symbol. If that symbol is in the replacements
;; list, returns the replacement, else returns the symbol
(defn replace-symb [symb subs]
(if (empty? subs)
(if (= (first (first subs)) symb)
(second (first subs))
(recur symb (rest subs)))))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; ACL2SCode -> ACL2SCode
;; Does a first pass over the code body of acl2s code, replacing any symbols
;; with their clojure substituiton. If any exotic (unexpected) data is
;; encountered, it is left in intact
(defn make-replacements [code-body]
(cond (symbol? code-body)
(replace-symb code-body acl2s-substitutions)
(list? code-body)
(map make-replacements code-body)
:else code-body))
(defmacro defunc [function-name arguments input-contract input-test output-contract output-test body]
(list 'defn function-name (into [] arguments)
(list 'if (make-replacements input-test)
(make-replacements body)
'(throw (Exception. "Input contract failed")))))
(defunc fib (n)
:input-contract (natp n)
:output-contract (natp (fib n))
(if (equal n 0)
(if (equal n 1)
(+ (fib (- n 1))
(fib (- n 2))))))
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