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Created April 6, 2022 08:04
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WFH messaging system front end HTML
<script src=""></script>
var particle = new Particle();
// This is incredibly insecure, and only ideal for local tasks of no consequence if things go wrong.
const accessToken = 'ENTER YOUR ACCESS TOKEN HERE';
const deviceId = 'ENTER YOUR DEVICE ID HERE';
function ledControl(cmd) {
// Used to turn on or off the LED by using the Particle.function "led"
document.getElementById("statusSpan").innerHTML = '';
particle.callFunction({deviceId, name:'led', argument: cmd, auth:accessToken}).then(
function(data) {
document.getElementById("statusSpan").innerHTML = 'Message sent.';
function(err) {
document.getElementById("statusSpan").innerHTML = 'Error calling device: ' + err;
<div id="mainDiv">
<h3>WFH Messaging System</h3>
<p><button id="ledOnButton" onclick="ledControl('D1On')">Working Alone.</button>&nbsp;
<button id="ledOffButton" onclick="ledControl('D0On')">In a meeting - DND.</button></p>
<button id="ledOnButton" onclick="ledControl('D2On')">I need coffee!</button>&nbsp;
<button id="ledOffButton" onclick="ledControl('D3On')">Please bring me some water.</button></p>
<button id="ledOnButton" onclick="ledControl('D4On')">Finished for the day.</button>&nbsp;
<p><span id="statusSpan"></span></p>
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