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boylea /
Last active May 8, 2017
Creates an photo mosaic out of a base image and a search term. For fun only, the downloaded images may not be licensed for re-use
Before running:
$ pip install pillow
$ pip install requests
Example usage:
$ python puppies my_template_image.jpg
For optional arguments:
$ python -h
boylea /
Created Oct 3, 2015
An example of abusing python indentation syntax. Python is enforces correct indentation at a block, but if you try (or are grossly negligent) you can make it look really bad.
uglystick = True
def ugly_python():
if uglystick:
print "one space"
if uglystick:
print 'five space'
def more_uglyness():
if uglystick:
print 'two space x2'
boylea /
Created Jul 21, 2014
pyqtgraph live running spectrogram from microphone
import numpy as np
import pyqtgraph as pg
import pyaudio
from PyQt4 import QtCore, QtGui
FS = 44100 #Hz
CHUNKSZ = 1024 #samples
class MicrophoneRecorder():
def __init__(self, signal):
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