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Objective-C class to loop through startup items with Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) enabled
// Based on
// Almost automatic convert to ARC, might need tweaking.
#import "PreferencesManager.h"
@implementation PreferencesManager
// MIT license
- (BOOL)isLaunchAtStartup {
// See if the app is currently in LoginItems.
LSSharedFileListItemRef itemRef = [self itemRefInLoginItems];
// Store away that boolean.
BOOL isInList = itemRef != nil;
// Release the reference if it exists.
if (itemRef != nil) CFRelease(itemRef);
return isInList;
- (BOOL)toggleLaunchAtStartup {
// Toggle the state.
BOOL shouldBeToggled = ![self isLaunchAtStartup];
// Get the LoginItems list.
LSSharedFileListRef loginItemsRef = LSSharedFileListCreate(NULL, kLSSharedFileListSessionLoginItems, NULL);
if (loginItemsRef == nil) return shouldBeToggled;
if (shouldBeToggled) {
// Add the app to the LoginItems list.
CFURLRef appUrl = (__bridge CFURLRef)[NSURL fileURLWithPath:[[NSBundle mainBundle] bundlePath]];
LSSharedFileListItemRef itemRef = LSSharedFileListInsertItemURL(loginItemsRef, kLSSharedFileListItemLast, NULL, NULL, appUrl, NULL, NULL);
if (itemRef) CFRelease(itemRef);
else {
// Remove the app from the LoginItems list.
LSSharedFileListItemRef itemRef = [self itemRefInLoginItems];
if (itemRef != nil) CFRelease(itemRef);
return shouldBeToggled;
- (LSSharedFileListItemRef)itemRefInLoginItems {
LSSharedFileListItemRef itemRef = nil;
NSString * appPath = [[NSBundle mainBundle] bundlePath];
// This will retrieve the path for the application
// For example, /Applications/
CFURLRef url = (__bridge CFURLRef)[NSURL fileURLWithPath:appPath];
// Create a reference to the shared file list.
LSSharedFileListRef loginItems = LSSharedFileListCreate(NULL, kLSSharedFileListSessionLoginItems, NULL);
if (loginItems) {
UInt32 seedValue;
//Retrieve the list of Login Items and cast them to
// a NSArray so that it will be easier to iterate.
NSArray *loginItemsArray = (__bridge NSArray *)LSSharedFileListCopySnapshot(loginItems, &seedValue);
for(int i = 0; i< [loginItemsArray count]; i++){
LSSharedFileListItemRef currentItemRef = (__bridge LSSharedFileListItemRef)[loginItemsArray
//Resolve the item with URL
if (LSSharedFileListItemResolve(currentItemRef, 0, (CFURLRef*) &url, NULL) == noErr) {
NSString * urlPath = [(__bridge NSURL*)url path];
if ([urlPath compare:appPath] == NSOrderedSame){
itemRef = currentItemRef;
return itemRef;
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