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Created May 14, 2022
How to change Windows font rendering / cleartype / subpixel antialiasing for displays with BGR, WRGB, and other subpixel layouts.


Most computer monitors use an "RGB" subpixel layout, so most computer software (including Windows itself) optimizes its text rendering to look good on this kind of display. However this kind of optimization starts to become undesirable in many situations, where it causes color fringing to appear around text.

Changing font rendering settings in Windows

Method 1: ClearType Tuner

Use the ClearType tuner: Windows > Settings > search: Cleartype


Git Help

Deleting Tags

This must currently be done via a command prompt:

git tag -d [tag]
git push origin :[tag]
View Edit With

To add a Windows context menu item "Edit With GIMP", download RegEditWithGimp.reg, edit the version number in the exe path to match your actual GIMP exe, and then double-click the reg file to install it into the registry.

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Last active Aug 31, 2021
Install Windows 7 Photo Viewer in Windows 10
View gist:e879f138173eada129291fbe94484216

Lambda Nu NetDAQ ND-100

Default IP:

To modify the configuration of a Lambda Nu NetDAQ ND-100, access the device at

IP and configuration information is from an review

screenshot of amazon review


Windows Tips

automatically

The procedure to set up automatic sign-in is easy:

Run control userpasswords2 or netplwiz to open a special "User Accounts" dialog. Find the option "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer". Uncheck this, then click OK and you will be prompted to enter credentials.

That checkbox might be missing



I prefer to bond multiple network interfaces for redundancy, however viewing and configuring the bond interface can be a bit tricky.

Bonding mode: active-backup

Multiple network links can be bonded using "active-backup" mode so that if one NIC goes down, another will take its place. This mode does not require a managed switch, however it has trouble prioritizing one interface over another. For example if you have a 1 Gbps NIC and a 10 Gbps NIC, unRAID is not smart enough to prefer the 10 Gbps NIC.

Viewing Network Interface Status

View overall bond status: cat /proc/net/bonding/bond0

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Last active Jun 5, 2022
How to install a graphical desktop environment on Hyper-V Server 2019

Hyper-V Server 2019 GUI Installation Guide


Hyper-V Server does not include much in the way of graphical tools, but third-party alternatives can be installed.

I found a disturbing lack of basic instructions for using Hyper-V Server 2019, so it is my hope that this guide is useful to somebody.

Before starting this guide, enable Remote Desktop support in Hyper-V Server using the built-in configuration menu. If you connect to the Hyper-V Server with Remote Desktop, it will make it easy to copy and paste text (and later, files) from a normal Windows desktop machine.

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Created Sep 8, 2019
Windows Server 2019 Core (Hyper-V Server)

Following is a list of GUI-based programs, which are provided with Windows Server 2019 Core:


Control.exe intl.cpl — sets up region information
Control.exe timedate.cpl — sets up date & time
Regedit — registry editor
Notepad — hmm.. what would that be?
Msinfo32.exe — displays comprehensive system information
Taskmgr.exe — can also be executed via ctrl-alt-del

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Last active Nov 2, 2021
Ubuntu Linux / Raspberry Pi Cheat Sheet

Linux Cheat Sheet


nginx is typically located at /usr/bin/nginx
nginx configuration is at /etc/nginx