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Labeled tree and the zipper pattern
type Tree =
| TreeNode of string* Tree list
| Empty
member this.GetLabel =
match this with
| Empty -> failwith "cannot get the label of an empty tree"
| TreeNode(lbl,_) -> lbl
//transform the branch into a tree
let rec branchToTree (inputList:list<string>) =
match inputList with
| [] -> Tree.Empty
| head::tail -> TreeNode (head, [branchToTree tail])
type Path =
| Top of string
| PathNode of string*Tree list * Path * Tree list
member this.GetLabel =
match this with
| Top(lbl) -> lbl
| PathNode(lbl,_,_,_) ->lbl
type Location =
Loc of Tree*Path
let go_right (Loc(t,p)) =
match p with
| Top(_) -> failwith "cannot go right on top"
| PathNode(_,_,_,[]) -> failwith "no younger simbling"
| PathNode (_,left, up, r::right) -> Loc(r, PathNode(r.GetLabel,r::left,up, right))
let go_up (Loc(t, p)) =
match p with
| Top(_) -> failwith "cannot go up, already on top"
| PathNode(_,left,up, right) -> Loc(TreeNode(up.GetLabel,(List.rev left) @ t::right), up)
let go_down (Loc(t,p)) =
match t with
| Empty -> failwith "cannot go down an empty tree"
| TreeNode(_,[])-> failwith "no children cannot go further"
| TreeNode(label,first::childs) -> Loc(first,PathNode(first.GetLabel,[],p, childs))
let insert_right r (Loc(t,p)) =
match p with
| Top(_) -> failwith "cannot insert right on top"
| PathNode(lbl, left, up, right) -> Loc(t, PathNode(lbl,left,up, r::right))
let insert_down t1 (Loc(t,p)) =
match t with
| Empty -> Loc(t1, Top(t1.GetLabel))
| TreeNode(label, children) -> Loc(t1, PathNode(t1.GetLabel,[],p, children))
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