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F#-ception, building a powershell script with inlined F# from F#
let PSUsableAssemblies =
|> Array.filter (fun asm -> match asm.IsDynamic with
| true -> false
| false -> File.Exists asm.Location)
let FsToPs (codeDOMProviderPath:string) (fsCode:string) moduleName returnedVariableName =
let sb = new StringBuilder()
sb.AppendFormat("Add-Type -Path {0}",codeDOMProviderPath) |> ignore
sb.AppendLine("") |> ignore
sb.AppendLine("$provider = New-Object Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.CodeDom.FSharpCodeProvider") |> ignore
sb.AppendLine("$fsharpCode = @\"") |> ignore
sb.Append(fsCode) |> ignore
sb.Append("\r\n") |> ignore
sb.AppendLine("\"@") |> ignore
//we will not need extra assemblies in this example, modify this lambda if necessary
let referencedAssemblies = PSUsableAssemblies |> Array.filter (fun asm -> false)
match Array.isEmpty referencedAssemblies with
| false -> for asm in referencedAssemblies do
sb.AppendLine(String.Format("$assemblies += \"{0}\"", asm.Location)) |> ignore
sb.AppendLine(@"$fsharpType = Add-Type -TypeDefinition $fsharpCode -CodeDomProvider $provider -ReferencedAssemblies $assemblies") |> ignore
| true -> sb.AppendLine(@"$fsharpType = Add-Type -TypeDefinition $fsharpCode -CodeDomProvider $provider") |> ignore
sb.AppendLine(String.Format("[{0}]::{1}", moduleName, returnedVariableName)) |> ignore
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