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Created August 24, 2014 13:18
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Powershell script for extracting YAMLS out of Jekyll files
#Script for extractingn YAML of .html files.
#The extracted content is put in a directory YAMLS <websiteroot>/ignored/YAMLS
if(-Not (Test-Path (Join-Path $PSScriptRoot -ChildPath "ignored"))){
throw "It is assumed that a directory ignored exists"
function ContainsYAML([string] $htmlFile){
$lines = Get-Content $htmlFile
$lineCount = $lines.Length - 1
$indices = (0 .. $lineCount)
$indices | Where-Object{
$yamlFolder = Join-Path $PSScriptRoot -ChildPath "ignored/YAMLS"
if(Test-Path $yamlFolder){
Write-Output "Wipe out content in" $yamlFolder
Remove-Item $yamlFolder -Recurse
New-Item $yamlFolder -ItemType "directory"
Get-ChildItem -Path $PSScriptRoot -Include "*.html" -R | Where-Object {
-Not ($_.FullName.Contains("ignored"))
} | Where-Object {
$indices = ContainsYAML $_.FullName
$indices.Length -eq 2
} | ForEach-Object{
Write-Host "Extracting YAML in " $_.FullName
$indices = ContainsYAML $_
$name = (Join-Path $yamlFolder -ChildPath ($_.FullName.Substring($PSScriptRoot.Length))).ToString()
$dirName = [System.IO.Path]::GetDirectoryName($name)
If(-Not (Test-Path($dirName))){
Write-Host "Create directory " $dirName
New-Item $dirName -ItemType "directory"
Write-Host "Create file " $name
New-Item -Path $name -ItemType "file"
$lines = Get-Content $_
Write-Host "Write " ($indices[1] - $indices[0] + 1) " lines"
for($i = $indices[0]; $i -le $indices[1];$i++){
Add-Content $name -Value $lines[$i]
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