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Comments on validate issuer
TokenValidationParameters = new System.IdentityModel.Tokens.TokenValidationParameters
// instead of using the default validation (validating against a single issuer value, as we do in line of business apps (single tenant apps)),
// we turn off validation
// NOTE:
// * In a multitenant scenario you can never validate against a fixed issuer string, as every tenant will send a different one.
// * If you don’t care about validating tenants, as is the case for apps giving access to 1st party resources, you just turn off validation.
// * If you do care about validating tenants, think of the case in which your app sells access to premium content and you want to limit access only to the tenant that paid a fee,
// you still need to turn off the default validation but you do need to add logic that compares the incoming issuer to a list of tenants that paid you,
// and block access if that’s not the case.
// * Refer to the following sample for a custom validation logic:
ValidateIssuer = false
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