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DanB91 / README.txt
Last active November 28, 2022 04:57
Playdate Zig starting point
THIS GIST IS OUT OF DATE! Please use my new project template here to get started with Zig on Playdate:
The rest of this is preservied for historical reasons:
This is a small snippet of some code to get you started for developing for the Playdate on Zig. This code should be used as a starting point and may not compile without some massaging. This code has only been tested out on macOS and you'll need to modify the addSharedLibrary() portion of build.zig to output a .dll or .so instead of a .dylib, depending on you platform.
This code will help you produce both an executable for the Playdate simulator and also an executable that actually run on the Playdate hardware.
numToStr / au.lua
Last active August 20, 2023 05:15
Neovim autocmd in lua
-- Move this file to your neovim lua runtime path ie. ~/.config/nvim/lua/au.lua
local cmd = vim.api.nvim_command
local function autocmd(this, event, spec)
local is_table = type(spec) == 'table'
local pattern = is_table and spec[1] or '*'
local action = is_table and spec[2] or spec
if type(action) == 'function' then
LeonLenclos /
Last active January 6, 2022 09:03
Download drawings from
# Run this script to download drawings.
# You can then put all the drawing to the same size with imagemagick.
for f in *.png; do convert $f -gravity CENTER -extent 1920x1080 $f; done;
# And make a video from them with ffmpeg.
ffmpeg -r 25 -f image2 -s 1920x1080 -pattern_type glob -i "*.png" -vcodec libx264 -crf 25 -pix_fmt yuv420p anim.mp4
import urllib.request
sindresorhus /
Last active May 18, 2024 09:04
Pure ESM package

Pure ESM package

The package that linked you here is now pure ESM. It cannot be require()'d from CommonJS.

This means you have the following choices:

  1. Use ESM yourself. (preferred)
    Use import foo from 'foo' instead of const foo = require('foo') to import the package. You also need to put "type": "module" in your package.json and more. Follow the below guide.
  2. If the package is used in an async context, you could use await import(…) from CommonJS instead of require(…).
  3. Stay on the existing version of the package until you can move to ESM.
wchargin / multiplyFloat.js
Created April 13, 2020 04:24
multiply bigint by float in JS (spoiler alert: BigInt has no useful functions)
* For a finite normal 64-bit float `f`, extracts integers `sgn`,
* `exponent`, and `mantissa` such that:
* - `sgn` is -1 or +1
* - `exponent` is between -1023 and 1024, inclusive
* - `mantissa` is between 0 and 2^51 - 1, inclusive
* - the number given by `f` equals `sgn * 2^exponent * (1 + mantissa / 2^52)`
* The results are all bigints within the range of safe integers for
mattdesl / animated-grid.js
Created July 27, 2018 15:45
animated grid lines
const canvasSketch = require('canvas-sketch');
const { lerp } = require('./util/math');
const settings = {
animate: true,
duration: 3,
dimensions: [ 640, 640 ],
scaleToView: true,
playbackRate: 'throttle',
fps: 24
taktoa / keybase.nix
Created November 22, 2017 20:21
Getting the Keybase GUI to work on NixOS
# Add this file to your /etc/nixos/configuration.nix `imports = [ ... ];` attribute.
# After running `nixos-rebuild switch`, `systemctl --user start keybase-gui.service`
# can be used to start the Keybase GUI.
# Not sure if it's just my tiling window manager, but there is a bit of wonkiness
# with the tray icon. Other than that it works perfectly (as of 2017/11/22).
{ pkgs, ... }:
ebidel / feature_detect_es_modules.js
Last active September 4, 2023 13:56
Feature detect ES modules: both static import and dynamic import()
Complete feature detection for ES modules. Covers:
1. Static import: import * from './foo.js';
2. Dynamic import(): import('./foo.js').then(module => {...});
Thanks to @_gsathya, @kevincennis, @rauschma, @malyw for the help.
* Base contract that all upgradeable contracts should use.
* Contracts implementing this interface are all called using delegatecall from
* a dispatcher. As a result, the _sizes and _dest variables are shared with the
* dispatcher contract, which allows the called contract to update these at will.
* _sizes is a map of function signatures to return value sizes. Due to EVM
* limitations, these need to be populated by the target contract, so the
* dispatcher knows how many bytes of data to return from called functions.