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Last active June 6, 2022 15:47
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What would you like to do?
How I want to work

I love the thrill of the chase, and being the first to get the mastodon and bring it back to the cave.

From my days building up to its sale from Gakwer to Consumer Reports, and my work as Senior Business Reporter for NBC News national, how everyday people grapple with this ever-changing economy continues to fascinates and inspires me as journalist. Finding great characters and getting great quotes out of them is my passion. I get a rush when my researched data clicks together into a solid nutgraph. And I take a craftsman's pride in weaving the story together with a pinch of panache.

Being on a supportive and collaborative team that believes in journalism as a public service, engages in high-frequency feedback, and has qualitative and quantitative metrics for success is key for me. Selflessly collaborating with my colleagues for the greatest good of the team and the audience is my ethos.

Themes I am thinking about right now:

  • Grassroots disruptions of major industries
  • The rubber hits the road of new green infrastructure
  • Structural issues blocking equitable access to capital and banking service
  • How the tension between remote and in-person work will be resolved
  • Inflation
  • Scary tech

I can pick up any tool or technique or software, current or future.

Great stories always win. I can't wait to tell you my next one.

Get in touch:

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