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Last active June 29, 2022 21:41
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Fix and Troubleshooting for the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Controller (GL300C)


  • No lights on controller
  • Does not respond to charge
  • No key/button combinations seem to make it work

Battery Problems

The DJI Phantom controllers (Phantom 3, Phantom 3 Advanced, and reportedly some Phantom 4's) seem to have a problem with their batteries where they refuse to charge. If the controller doesnt respond to charge or the power button, it is likely your battery is experiencing this issue. (Scroll down to "Getting the lights to turn on" first before replacing the battery)

Under Warranty

If your Phantom is under warranty (within 1? year of purchase and can provide proof), open a case with support, they'll have you ship the controller back and in about 1-2 months, you'll get it back with a new battery.

Not Under Warranty fix via DJI

DJI will replace the battery for ~$90USD.

Not Under Warranty DIY

DJI doesn't seem to sell these batteries, so you'll have to find a suitable replacement. Here are the specifications for the stock battery (dimensions might be slightly off):

Item Attribute
Voltage 7.4V
Amperage 6000mAh
Watts 44.4Wh
Manufacturer Shenzhen LC Hi-Tech Co., LTD
Product Code LC 1650120 2S1P
Width ~73mm
Length ~118mm
Height ~15mm

Replacing the Controller Battery

Getting the lights to turn on

There are a few key/button combinations on the controller. The one that seems to get the controller to respond is:

  • C1 + Shutter Button (top most botton on the right), then while holding them down hit the power sequence (1 short press then 1 long press)

Refreshing the Firmware

With the battery replaced and charged, you might also need to reflash the firmware on the controller.

Reflashing via USB Stick/Memory Card

Doesn't work on the GL300C, sorry

Reflashing via DJI Go App (IOS)

The DJI Go app can be used to reflash:

  1. tap and hold the hamburger from the main menu for 10 seconds, release to see special reflash menu
  2. Turn controller on, menu should update and show the current version on the controller
  3. Select the oldest version and flash
  4. gradually try newer versions


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