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Last active October 21, 2019 18:55
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Surly Steamroller Creamroller to Mercier Kilo TT Build

Mercier Kilo TT Build

About 5 years ago someone hit my bike, resulting in a small crack on the downtube. The crack expanded over time and it finally broke about a month ago. Rather then spending the $500 on a new Surly Steamroller frameset, I decided to save some money by buying a Mercier Kilo TT frameset for ~$225, and reusing parts from the steamroller. It took over a month to build, most delays were due to waiting for parts to arrive.

New Parts List

I spent $372.92 to buy the frame plus the parts/tools I didn't already have and in the end, I think I saved about ~190.

Item Description Vendor Total
Mercier Kilo TT 60cm Gold Digger Bike Island $224.95
Origin8 Pro Headset 1" Threatless Headset, Black Amazon $32.63
CYSKY Seatpost 2.54mm x 350mm, Black Amazon $19.18
(2) Sunlite Ahead Stem Shim 28.6mm to 25.4mm Amazon $14.90
Seatpost Shim Generic 25.4mm to 28.6mm Ebay $9.59
PVC Pipe 1.5 in, 10ft Lowes $5.72
PVC Cap 1.5 in Lowes $0.78
Threaded Rod .5in x 72in Lowes $9.38
Park Tool TLR-1 Medium-strength Thread Lock REI $15.95
Park Tool PPL-1 Lubricant REI $6.95
Park Tool CT-5 Mini Chain Tool REI $16.95
Park Tool CWP-7 Crank Puller Amazon $15.94

Useful Videos/Instructions

Headset installation

This was easily the hardest part. I originally tried the PVC pipe method, but I gave up after an hour or two. Even though the DIY headset press was a much better technique, it wasn't easy by any measure. Word of caution, protect your fork! Mine was left with a few scratches :(

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