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Rules Confirmation Scenario for They Come Unseen

They Come Unseen: Rules Confirmation Scenario

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of rules, but instead to help players validate their understanding of the rules through a scenario. The turns below are not in order.

Note: This document has yet to be fully verified. Pending requests for clarifications have been added after the document at the bottom.

Scenario Setup

Location Battery Mines Damage
Green Sub G21@600ft 14 Available 1/2
Blue Sub M35@0ft 4 Used 1
Location Fuel Salvos Direction Damage
Orange Destroyer M31 30 1 East None
Red Destroyer O22 70 3 North Engine
Location Carrying
Green Container Ship Destroyed
Purple Container Ship M24 2 fuel
Brown Supply Ship M19 (Bravo) Nothing
  • Echo has been destroyed
  • Bravo currently holds 3 fuel and 2 salvos
  • Weather effects are set to 5 in Central and 6 in East
  • Mines lay at R27-R31


Green Sub's available actions

  • Move to F21@400ft, G22@200ft, G26@200ft, ending its turn with 8 battery.
  • Move to M21@400ft (declaring "contact red"), ending its turn with 8 battery.
  • Move to J21@0ft (declaring a snorting), H21@0ft, J18@600ft, ending its turn with 17 battery.
  • Move 9 squares to N15@0ft, snorting to P17@0ft, S20@600ft, ending its turn with 12 battery. Note no yellow contact at R20@400ft or S21@600ft due to weather level 5.
  • Stay put, ending its turn with 13 battery. Idle subs still consume one battery per turn (p8).

Things Green Sub cannot do

  • Move to D18@0ft, snort to B18@0ft, and then move into Alfa. The movement during and the 3 subsequent movements after a snort may not place a sub in an ice station.
  • Move directly from G21 to G22. If sub was at 400ft this move would be permitted, but subs may only rise by 200ft per move (p8).
  • Lay mines. This action would require the sub to start at G21@400ft as laying mines must be done after 6 movement in a straight line in shallow waters.
    • Imagine if Green Sub started at G21@400ft instead of G21@600ft. It could then move G22@200ft, G27@200ft and leave mines behind in G22-G26.
  • Move to Bravo. Any movements that begin, go through, or end in shallow water limit a sub's entire turn to 6 movement (p8).
  • Move to L21@200ft and then to M20@200ft. Neither ships nor subs may move diagonally where the intersection is obscured by land.

Blue Sub's available actions

  • Move to M34@200ft, L33@400ft ending its turn with its battery at 2.
    • Note that this move would commit the Blue Sub to surfacing with zero battery in its next or subsequent turn. Ending at 400ft with 2 units of battery would mean that the Blue Sub must move 2 squares to rise to 0ft, but it would have no power left with which to commence the snort. A better move would be M34@200ft to L33@200ft.
  • Move to M34@200ft, J31@400ft, ending its turn with an empty battery. It's then forced to surface and is vulnerable to ramming.
  • Imagining Blue Sub having its battery at 15, move to M27@400ft, L26@400ft, ending its turn with 6 battery. Clarification: If diagonal moves against shorelines aren't permitted, are diagonal moves against shallow water permitted without restricting the sub to 6 squares per turn?

Things Blue Sub cannot do

  • Snorting. Subs may not snort in areas where weather effects are at 6 (p14).
  • Staying in Echo. Subs may not stay in stations after an attack (p9).
  • Move directly to L34 or N34. Entering a station must be done orthagonally (with the exception of Delta and Foxtrot) (
  • Move more than 4 distance. Blue Sub's near-empty batteries restrict further movement (p8).
  • Move to any location at 600ft due to the damage it's taken.

Orange Destroyer's available actions

  • Move 6 squares to S31 at the cost of 15 fuel. Due to the relatively slow movement, the mine at R31 does not trigger.
  • Move 8 squares to U31 at the cost of X fuel. EXAMPLE OF A MINE EXPLODING
  • Move 6 squares to H25 at the cost of 15 fuel, face east and begin an active sonar scan. While the Green Sub is in the port aft sonar region, it will not be detected due to its depth and the current weather conditions (p14).
    • Consider however what would happen if weather was at or below level 4. Green Sub declares "contact green", Red Destroyer drops 3 black cubes at E21/F21/G21 at 400ft and 3 white cubes at E22/F23/E24 at 200ft. The black salvo at G21@400ft is a near miss, inflicting 1/2 damage on Green Sub, forcing it to rise to its now maximum depth at G21@400ft. Red Destroyer turns to face south and ends its turn with 2 salvos and 55 fuel.

Things Orange Destroyer cannot do

  • Move to or through M24 or O22 (see above).
  • Move more than 12 squares due to weather conditions (p14).
  • Move 4 squares into Echo to ram Blue Sub as subs in stations cannot be attacked (p9).

Red Destroyer's available actions

  • Stay put, consuming 10 fuel in the process. Red Destroyer can't move due to its engine damage (reducing its movement to 6) and weather level 6 (further reducing its movement by another 6 to a maximum of 0).
  • If weather conditions were more favourable, move 3 squares into Bravo, ending its turn with 60 fuel. Its subsequent turn may be skipped to repair its damage (p13).
  • If the destroyer were not damaged, move 6 squares to I22 at the cost of 15 fuel and begin an active sonar scan. However, due to weather conditions no the Green Sub will not be detected. Red Destroyer then moves back to O22 at the cost of 15 more fuel, ending its turn with 40 fuel.

Things Red Destroyer cannot do

  • Move any number of squares in its turn due to both damage (p13) and weather conditions (p14).
  • Move to or through M24 or M31, currently occupied by other ships. Ships may not pass through other ships at the same depth with the exception of stations, which may hold at most 3 ships (p7).

Purple Container Ship's available actions

  • Move 6 squares to S30. After completing its move, NATO declares a mine hit at R29 and destroys the Purple Container Ship, removing it from the game (p9, p13).
  • Move along side the Red Destroyer and begin an RAS. This action is limited to the Supply Ship only (p12) and is also prohibited due to weather level 6 (p13).

Purple Container Ship cannot do

  • Move to or through M31 or O22
  • Move more than 8 squares in its turn due to weather effects (p13).

Brown Supply Ship's available actions

  • Stay in Bravo. Ships are not required to move on their turns.
  • Load up with 1 fuel and 1 salvo and then move 11 squares to W17.

Things Brown Supply Ship cannot do

  • Move 13 squares Charlie at Y17 due to level 5 weather conditions (p13).
  • RAS with Red Destroyer, which is in weather level 6 preventing it from participating in an RAS action.
    • Imagine if the weather conditions permitted an RAS move. The Brown Supply Ship could load up with 1 fuel and 1 salvo, move to O21 adjacent to the Red Destroyer, both move 4 squares north to K21 and K22 respectively (or south to S21 and S22), ending both their turns with Red Destroyer gaining 50 fuel to its current damaged maximum of 80. The fuel token would not be placed back at Echo as it's been destroyed by the Blue Sub.
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