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Last active Jun 24, 2016

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Demonstration of cache-based action throttling
import memcache
from hashlib import sha1
from datetime import datetime
cache = memcache.Client([""])
class ActionThrottled(Exception):
# The cache entry _key_ can never have more stamina than _maximum_stamina_.
# Each call decrements the stored stamina by _action_cost_ and they're
# regenerated at the rate of _regenerate_per_hour_. Note that sufficiently slow
# use of a throttled key results in relatively low use of the cache.
def throttle(key, action_cost=1, maximum_stamina=3, regenerate_per_hour=1800):
# Get the stored stamina
key = "throttle:{0!r}".format(key)
entry = cache.get(key)
except memcache.Client.MemcachedKeyCharacterError:
# If the given key doesn't work, try massaging it into a usable format
key = "throttle:{0}".format(sha1(repr(key)).hexdigest())
entry = cache.get(key)
# Determine how much stamina remains based on how much it's regenerated since its last use
if (entry is None):
stamina = maximum_stamina
stamina = min(
entry[0] + ( - entry[1]).total_seconds() * (regenerate_per_hour / 3600.0)
# Decrement the stamina and choke if it's too low
stamina -= action_cost
if (stamina < 0):
raise ActionThrottled(stamina)
# Note the success by storing the newly decreased stamina
3600.0 * (maximum_stamina - stamina) / regenerate_per_hour
# Return the value as the caller may want to show warning messages if it's sufficiently low
return stamina
# Provide a throttling decorator for functions
def throttled(*decorator_args, **decorator_kwargs):
def wrapper(original_function):
def wrapped_function(*function_args, **function_kwargs):
throttle(*decorator_args, **decorator_kwargs)
return original_function(*function_args, **function_kwargs)
return wrapped_function
return wrapper
# If this script is called directly, just run a little example
if __name__ == "__main__":
@throttled(["main throttle"])
def foobar():
print "Foobar executed!"
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