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syntax = "proto3";
package counter;
// Value contains a countername and its present value.
message Value {
string countername = 1;
int32 value = 2;
// Increment contains a countername and a value to increment it by.
// Assume a counter not defined will be incremented from 0 if not defined.
message Increment {
string countername = 1;
int32 increment = 2;
// Read represents a request for a Value for countername.
message Read {
string countername = 1;
// ValueResponse can contain either a CounterValue or an error in case
// the counter is not defined.
message ValueResponse {
Value countervalue = 1;
// Counter is a service that allows incrementing a counter and
// reading a counter.
service Counter {
rpc IncrementCounter (Increment) returns (ValueResponse) {}
rpc ReadCounter (Read) returns (ValueResponse) {}
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