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Created July 12, 2015 04:21
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number puzzle
module Main where
import Prelude as P
import Control.Monad as M
import Data.Text as T
import Data.Text.Read as TR
import Data.Either as E
import Data.List as L
import Data.Maybe as MB
divTest :: T.Text -> Maybe [Int]
divTest s = divTestRecurse s 2
-- divTestRecurse will split a string into n chunks, and convert those n chunks into
-- numbers to see if sequenceGap is satisfied by the chunks. If so, the gap data
-- is returned. Otherwise, this is called recursively with n+1 as the divisor...until
-- n is the same length as s (in which case it is split into single digits).
divTestRecurse :: T.Text -> Int -> Maybe [Int]
divTestRecurse s n = let l = T.length s in
if n > l
then Nothing
else if (l `mod` n) /= 0
then divTestRecurse s (n + 1)
let mds = mapM (TR.decimal) $ T.chunksOf (l `div` n) $ s
case mds of
Left _ -> Nothing
_ -> let gotGap = sequenceGap $ fst $ P.head $ E.rights [mds] in
case gotGap of
Nothing -> divTestRecurse s (n + 1)
_ -> gotGap
-- sequenceGap will determine if a list of Ints is a sequence of numbers with potential
-- gaps in the sequence no greater than one (where a missing value would fit).
-- If this criteria is not satisfied, Nothing is returned. Otherwise, Just [missing values]
-- is returned.
sequenceGap :: [Int] -> Maybe [Int]
sequenceGap i = let pairs = i (L.tail i)
pairGaps = pairGap pairs in
if not (L.all (MB.isJust) pairGaps)
then Nothing
else Just (L.filter (/= 0) $ MB.catMaybes pairGaps)
pairGap pair = let a = fst pair
b = snd pair
difference = b - a
isSequenceOrSingleGap = difference == 1 || difference == 2
if not isSequenceOrSingleGap
then Nothing
else if difference == 1
then Just 0
else Just (a + 1)
main = do
let s = T.pack "596597598600601602"
print $ show $ divTest s
return ()
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