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Simple script that exports a users "Saved For Later" list out of Feedly as a JSON string
// Simple script that exports a users "Saved For Later" list out of Feedly
// as a JSON string.
// This was intended for use in the Google Chrome's "Inspector" tool so your
// mileage may vary if used in other contexts.
// Format of JSON is as follows:
// [
// {
// title: "Title",
// url: "",
// time: "Sunday "
// }
// ]
// How to use:
// 1) Open up Google Chrome
// 2) Login to Feedly and go to the "Saved For Later" list.
// 3) Keep scrolling down the page until all saved documents have been loaded
// 4) Right click on the page and select "Inspect Element"
// 5) Inside the "Inspector" tool, click the "Console" tab.
// 6) Paste the script below into the console
// 7) Type copy(json) into the console
// Once you have followed the steps above, your list should be saved to your
// clipboard and can be accesed by pressing "cmd + v" or "ctrl + v" to paste
// the file somewhere.
// NOTE: You must switch off SSL (http rather than https) or jQuery won't load!
// Feedly doesn't use jQuery so firstly inject it into the page
if(!(window.jQuery)) {
script = document.createElement('script');
script.setAttribute('src', '');
script.setAttribute('type', 'text/javascript');
script.onload = copyToClipboard;
} else {
json = ""
function copyToClipboard() {
// Loop through the DOM, grabbing the information from each bookmark
map = jQuery("#section0_column0 div.u0Entry.quicklisted").map(function(i, el) {
var $el = jQuery(el);
var regex = /published:(.*)\ --/i;
return {
title: $"title"),
url: $"alternate-link"),
time: regex.exec($el.find("div.lastModified span").attr("title"))[1]
}).get(); // Convert jQuery object into an array
// Convert to a nicely indented JSON string
json = JSON.stringify(map, undefined, 2)

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timchunght commented Sep 14, 2014

This is a lovely script. I would suggest adding the functionality to collect the summary from "span.u0Summary". Thank you!


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CADbloke commented Jun 2, 2015

if you're not into Javascript I have a copy-paste solution in Chrome with a find-replace in Notepad++ to tidy it up. The end-result it a html page with the links and excerpts.


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chubcha commented Oct 6, 2015

Hey @bradcrawford: either I'm doing something incorrectly or the code is out of date as I'm getting blank results when running the script: []. Since you posted this well over a year ago, I'd imagine either one or both Chrome Inspector and Feedly page has changed. Any chance you could verify the script and, if needed, update?


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matthiaskern commented Mar 4, 2016

I did an updated version.


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dotEsuS commented Sep 21, 2017

Hi @bradcrawford. You can find my updated version right here. Thanks for the base.

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