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Android Studio in a chroot Setup on Debian

Install schroot, debootstrap, and the ubuntu-archive-keyring (needed for debootstrap to validate downloaded Ubuntu files):

sudo apt install schroot debootstrap ubuntu-archive-keyring

Create a clean Ubuntu 14.04 amd64 chroot using debootstrap:

  • Make github repo for scripts and push it
  • Make transcode to h264 single threaded or better yet allow command line param to set threads used
  • Transcode script to be able to output different (SD) resolution as needed
  • Transcode script to be able to retranscode something which it already ran on, ie same infile and outfile names.
  • Enable 2 jobs simultaneous on backend
  • Clean up channel list
  • Connect mythweb with frontend
  • Setup samba share readonly
  • Create another userjob to transcode and downsize to SD quality (for kids shows, and if we can get same infile/outfile working, can retranscode a bunch)
  • Make sure DVD playback works smoothly and with all types of DVDs (saw choppy-ness on Frozen and Baby Signing Time wouldn't play)

I have an Avnet/Architech Hachiko board without SDRAM. It uses RZ/A1H R7S72100 with 10 MB SRAM SoC in QFP package. I want to run mainline U-Boot and Linux on it.

Vendor documentation on the board: and

BSP that came with it from the vendor used patches to U-Boot and Linux provided in:

It seems there's some amount of support in mainline Linux for RZ/A1 but I'm not sure how much. It's unclear to me how much support there is in mainline U-Boot. Either way, I want to run mainline on this board as I want to learn and if needed, contribute code upstream.

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Setting up a Debian machine to be a container host for LXC.


  • Get quieter heatsink fan setup (duct? other fan?)
  • Install Debian Stretch amd64
  • Get LXC installed
  • Setup Ethernet bridge for containers to be on local LAN (not NAT'ed)
  • Setup syslog server on host to receive syslog data from all containers
  • Setup LAN's DHCP server to hand out fixed IPs based on hostname in DHCP request for containers that need it (ie: mirror)
  • Setup mirror container, transfer over existing mirror data from lati

GCC, GDB, and binutils have mainline support for msp430-elf target.

There's, afaict, a "GDB server" kind of tool which works with many debuggers:

TI has some info on their packaging of the toolchain and related software which is very confusing in terms of version numbers:

Debian seems to only have quite old gcc-msp430 and binutils-msp430 and msp430mcu (linker scripts, headers, etc) packages from 2011 and 2012. Would be nice to get updates to these with mainline code.

  • apt-listchanges
  • apt-listbugs
  • how-can-i-help
  • irssi-scripts (then symlink from ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/ dir anything we want to use in /usr/share/irssi/scripts/)
  • packaging-tutorial

To use debmirror to update using rsync which will create a local mirror for the following:

  • arch: amd64 and all
  • dists: jessie, jessie-updates, stretch, stretch-updates, and sid
  • sections: main and main/debian-installer
  • check signatures using the debian-archive-keyring gpg keyring
  • include sources
  • store mirror in /var/www/html/debian/ directory
  • use lighttpd to export a /debian/ directory holding the contents
  • use /etc/debmirror.conf to define options
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These are all ideas for making open source circuit boards and/or products:

  • Use AAA batteries instead of coin cells for chibitronics kits.
  • IR receiver to USB adapter which looks like keyboard to PC and works with universal remotes. Main target first is to use my Panasonic TV remote in the Cable Box mode to control MythTV.
  • Logic analyzer which is similar to the DreamSource Lab DSLogic Pro but which is actually open source and documented and able to be purchased.
  • SPI flash programmer using USB high speed, as read and verify steps would be much faster, leading to faster cycle time.
  • USB to serial adapter which supports 5, 3.3, and 1.8 V logic levels and the normal FTDI 6 pin interface as found on BBB.
  • GigE Ethernet switch
  • Power over Ethernet addon for above switch
  • Tuxedoboard
View kicad library

Check a library for compliance to the KLC:

../kicad-library-utils/schlib/ library/silabs.lib

Check with extra reporting which gives a human readable description of the issues:

../kicad-library-utils/schlib/ --enable-extra -v library/silabs.lib