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The list of debian/ubuntu prereq packages is incomplete, you at least need to add:

  • python3-pip
  • curl
  • time
  • cmake
  • g++-mingw-w64

You also need both i386 and amd64 arches setup in dpkg so the proper packages for both arches are pulled in by apt, such as for wine and mingw.

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This is from TI's MSP430 "GCC Sources" source distribution:
# This directory contains the sources for gcc, newlib, binutils, and gdb used
# to build the "msp430-gcc" binary toolchain packages distributed by TI.
# The following example script demonstrates how these sources can be used to
# build a toolchain from these sources. It has been developed on a CentOS 7
# machine, and may need to be adapted for use on other platforms, such as
# Microsoft Windows.

I have previously set goals for myself for 2017. I've not done very well in achieving all of them, but here's a run-down anyways:

Goal 1 was to begin the process of becoming a Debian Developer. I've failed completely at this, I don't believe that I've contributed at all in any way to Debian in 2017.

Goal 2 was to contribute to a website to track my smaller accomplishments. I've actually done a pretty good job of this as I have fairly regularly updated my accomplishments site.

Goal 3 was to continue to run my NTP server(s). Except for a few month stint, I've been running at least 1 NTP server in India in the NTP global pool. My server stats for those who care.

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Android Studio in a chroot Setup on Debian

Install schroot, debootstrap, and the ubuntu-archive-keyring (needed for debootstrap to validate downloaded Ubuntu files):

sudo apt install schroot debootstrap ubuntu-archive-keyring

Create a clean Ubuntu 14.04 amd64 chroot using debootstrap:

  • Make github repo for scripts and push it
  • Make transcode to h264 single threaded or better yet allow command line param to set threads used
  • Transcode script to be able to output different (SD) resolution as needed
  • Transcode script to be able to retranscode something which it already ran on, ie same infile and outfile names.
  • Enable 2 jobs simultaneous on backend
  • Clean up channel list
  • Connect mythweb with frontend
  • Setup samba share readonly
  • Create another userjob to transcode and downsize to SD quality (for kids shows, and if we can get same infile/outfile working, can retranscode a bunch)
  • Make sure DVD playback works smoothly and with all types of DVDs (saw choppy-ness on Frozen and Baby Signing Time wouldn't play)

I have an Avnet/Architech Hachiko board without SDRAM. It uses RZ/A1H R7S72100 with 10 MB SRAM SoC in QFP package. I want to run mainline U-Boot and Linux on it.

Vendor documentation on the board: and

BSP that came with it from the vendor used patches to U-Boot and Linux provided in:

It seems there's some amount of support in mainline Linux for RZ/A1 but I'm not sure how much. It's unclear to me how much support there is in mainline U-Boot. Either way, I want to run mainline on this board as I want to learn and if needed, contribute code upstream.

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Setting up a Debian machine to be a container host for LXC.


  • Get quieter heatsink fan setup (duct? other fan?)
  • Install Debian Stretch amd64
  • Get LXC installed
  • Setup Ethernet bridge for containers to be on local LAN (not NAT'ed)
  • Setup syslog server on host to receive syslog data from all containers
  • Setup LAN's DHCP server to hand out fixed IPs based on hostname in DHCP request for containers that need it (ie: mirror)
  • Setup mirror container, transfer over existing mirror data from lati

GCC, GDB, and binutils have mainline support for msp430-elf target.

There's, afaict, a "GDB server" kind of tool which works with many debuggers:

TI has some info on their packaging of the toolchain and related software which is very confusing in terms of version numbers:

Debian seems to only have quite old gcc-msp430 and binutils-msp430 and msp430mcu (linker scripts, headers, etc) packages from 2011 and 2012. Would be nice to get updates to these with mainline code.