• apt-listchanges
  • apt-listbugs
  • how-can-i-help
  • irssi-scripts (then symlink from ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/ dir anything we want to use in /usr/share/irssi/scripts/)
  • packaging-tutorial

To use debmirror to update using rsync which will create a local mirror for the following:

  • arch: amd64 and all
  • dists: jessie, jessie-updates, stretch, stretch-updates, and sid
  • sections: main and main/debian-installer
  • check signatures using the debian-archive-keyring gpg keyring
  • include sources
  • store mirror in /var/www/html/debian/ directory
  • use lighttpd to export a /debian/ directory holding the contents
  • use /etc/debmirror.conf to define options
View PCB Idea

These are all ideas for making open source circuit boards and/or products:

  • Use AAA batteries instead of coin cells for chibitronics kits.
  • IR receiver to USB adapter which looks like keyboard to PC and works with universal remotes. Main target first is to use my Panasonic TV remote in the Cable Box mode to control MythTV.
  • Logic analyzer which is similar to the DreamSource Lab DSLogic Pro but which is actually open source and documented and able to be purchased.
  • SPI flash programmer using USB high speed, as read and verify steps would be much faster, leading to faster cycle time.
  • USB to serial adapter which supports 5, 3.3, and 1.8 V logic levels and the normal FTDI 6 pin interface as found on BBB.
  • GigE Ethernet switch
  • Power over Ethernet addon for above switch
  • Tuxedoboard
View kicad library

Check a library for compliance to the KLC:

../kicad-library-utils/schlib/ library/silabs.lib

Check with extra reporting which gives a human readable description of the issues:

../kicad-library-utils/schlib/ --enable-extra -v library/silabs.lib
View OE performance

Scaleway X64-60G instance built core-image-minimal in 46 minutes.

Scaleway C2S instance built core-image-minimal in 167 minutes.

Scaleway VC1S instance didn't finish building core-image-minimal in 329 minutes but I got bored so stopped it.

My Lenovo T420s with Core i5-2540M built core-image-minimal in 96 minutes.

My Dell Precision Tower 5810 with Xeon E5-2687W v4 bulit core-image-minimal in 25 minutes. With some kernel changes and proper cpufreq governor settings on my Dell 5810, this duration has been reduced to 21 minutes.


xpdf has been orphaned in debian:

I use xpdf, so I'd like to help fix it. Maybe eventually help to maintain it.

This bug says that the "whole word" search feature in xpdf doesn't work. I can reproduce on xpdf version 3.04-3 in Stretch.

This bug is affected by xpdf/ file's GBool TextPage::findText() function, I think. There's a debian patch poppler-findtext.patch which changes a lot of calls to findText() from having a gFalse value to using the wholeWord value which is set by the checkbox in the find dialog box. This smells fishy to me. Then on line 3771 in xpdf/ there's a conditional check of !wholeword || (other things) which without the debian patch always would just evaluate to True but now that the wholeWord value is actually being passed in, it sometimes doesn't...

There's a git repo on Alioth for xpdf:

View botnet-machines
  1. Mount up external drive to /mnt/tosh/ and create a /mnt/tosh/duplicity directory.
  2. duplicity /etc file:///mnt/tosh/duplicity/ --no-encryption --file-prefix=${HOSTNAME}-etc to backup /etc directory without encryption (since external hard disk should already be using dm-crypt!)
  3. duplicity /home/andrew file:///mnt/tosh/duplicity/ --no-encryption --file-prefix=${HOSTNAME}-home-andrew to backup my home dir without encryption (this will take a while)

If you do it again, it'll just do an incremental backup by default.

The --file-prefix= option sets the file names for the backup so that you can have a bunch of different duplicity backups all in one directory.