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@bradgessler bradgessler/.rvmrc
Created Jul 29, 2011

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rvmrc file that controls the version of Ruby, the Gemset, Rubygems, and Bundler. Use this if you want to control this stuff in your development workflow.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Bare minimum Gems that are needed to keep a Ruby development environment in sync. This assumes
# that you use bundler in your workflow to control the installation of all other gems. If you need
# to bump the bundler or rubygem version across your team, change that here, then run bundler and
# and keep going.
# Make this work with OS X Lion... for now...
if [[ `uname -v` =~ "Darwin Kernel Version 11" ]] ; then
export CC=/usr/bin/gcc-4.2
# # Make sure we're using the right version for ruby
rvm use --create --install $RVMRC
# Enforce a version of Rubygems
if [[ `gem --version` != $RUBYGEM_VERSION ]] ; then
echo "Updating to RubyGems $RUBYGEM_VERSION..."
rvm rubygems $RUBYGEM_VERSION
# Check if bundler is installed
if [[ "command -v bundle" ]] ; then
# Check if we have the right version
if [[ ! (`bundle --version` =~ $BUNDLER_VERSION) ]] ; then
echo "Updating to Bundler $BUNDLER_VERSION..."
gem install bundler -v$BUNDLER_VERSION
echo "Installing Bundler $BUNDLER_VERSION..."
gem install bundler -v$BUNDLER_VERSION
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