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// Playground - noun: a place where people can play
import Foundation
class Regex {
let internalExpression: NSRegularExpression
let pattern: String
init(_ pattern: String) {
self.pattern = pattern
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// =========== Input Field Listener with AJAX Callback ==============
function FieldListener(entity){
var t = this;
this.typingTimer; // Timer identifier
this.doneTypingInterval = 750; // Time in ms. e.g.; 5000 = 5secs
this.entity = entity;
this.noticeSpan = this.entity.siblings("span");
this.parentForm = entity.parents('form:first');
entity.on("keyup", function(){t.setTimer();});
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* The first commented line is your dabblet’s title
background: #f06;
background: linear-gradient(45deg, #f06, yellow);
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