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Last active April 3, 2020 07:04
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Docker script for Koken
echo ""
# Root check
if [[ "$UID" -ne 0 ]]; then
echo "!! This script requires root privileges. sudo ./"
echo ""
echo -n "=> Pulling Docker/Koken image (this may take a few minutes)..."
docker pull koken/koken-lemp > /dev/null
echo "done."
echo -n "=> Creating /data/koken/www and /data/koken/mysql for persistent storage..."
mkdir -p /data/koken/www
mkdir -p /data/koken/mysql
echo "done."
echo "=> Starting Docker container..."
CID=$(docker run --restart=always -p 80:8080 -v /data/koken/www:/usr/share/nginx/www -v /data/koken/mysql:/var/lib/mysql -d koken/koken-lemp /sbin/my_init)
echo -n "=> Waiting for Koken to become available.."
while [[ RET -lt 1 ]]; do
IP=$(docker inspect $CID | grep IPAddress | cut -d '"' -f 4)
echo -n "."
sleep 5
RET=$(curl -s http://$IP:8080 | grep "jquery" | wc -l)
echo "done."
echo "=> Ready! Load this server's IP address or domain in a browser to begin using Koken."
echo ""
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Wouldn’t that be -p 8080:80 for docker run, as it’s hostPort:containerPort?

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