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Created February 13, 2015 19:33
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zpool get all
$ zpool get all
Z size 10.9T -
Z capacity 26% -
Z altroot - default
Z health ONLINE -
Z guid 2098603998235043015 default
Z version - default
Z bootfs Z/FreeBSD-10 local
Z delegation on default
Z autoreplace off default
Z cachefile - default
Z failmode wait default
Z listsnapshots off default
Z autoexpand off default
Z dedupditto 0 default
Z dedupratio 1.00x -
Z free 7.98T -
Z allocated 2.90T -
Z readonly off -
Z comment - default
Z expandsize 0 -
Z freeing 0 default
Z fragmentation 5% -
Z leaked 0 default
Z feature@async_destroy enabled local
Z feature@empty_bpobj active local
Z feature@lz4_compress active local
Z feature@multi_vdev_crash_dump enabled local
Z feature@spacemap_histogram active local
Z feature@enabled_txg active local
Z feature@hole_birth active local
Z feature@extensible_dataset enabled local
Z feature@embedded_data active local
Z feature@bookmarks enabled local
Z feature@filesystem_limits enabled local
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