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Created Jan 15, 2021
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AWS Region Names

Alternative naming schemes for AWS regions


The intent is to define terse, standards-supported names for AWS regions.


Region Location Partition Launched AWS code A1 A2 B
US East N. Virginia aws 2006 us-east-1 usea1 use1 usva
US East Ohio aws 2016 us-east-2 usea2 use2 usoh
US West N. California aws 2011 us-west-1 uswe1 usw1 usca
US West Oregon aws 2009 us-west-2 uswe2 usw2 usor
GovCloud US Northwest aws-us-gov 2011 us-gov-west-1 ugwe2 usgw2 usgov
Canada Montreal aws 2016 ca-central-1 cace1 cac1 caqc
EU Ireland aws 2007 eu-west-1 euwe1 ew1 ied
EU London aws 2016 eu-west-2 euwe2 ew2 gblnd
EU Frankfurt aws 2014 eu-central-1 euce1 ec1 dehe
Asia Pacific Singapore aws 2010 ap-southeast-1 apse1 apse1 sg
Asia Pacific Sydney aws 2012 ap-southeast-2 apse2 apse2 aunsw
Asia Pacific Mumbai aws 2016 ap-south-1 apso1 aps1 inmh
Asia Pacific Tokyo aws 2011 ap-northeast-1 apne1 apne1 jp13
Asia Pacific Seoul aws 2016 ap-northeast-2 apne2 apne2 kr11
South America Saõ Paulo aws 2011 sa-east-1 saea1 sae1 brsp
China Beijing aws-cn 2013 cn-north-1 cnno1 cn1 cn11
Code Description
A1 Abbreviated AWS code (equal length)
A2 Abbreviated AWS code
B Concatenated ISO 3166 code

Domain names for regional services

AWS code Domain 1 Domain 2

Capital-delimited codes for variable-width fonts

AWS code A1 A2 B
us-east-1 USea1 USe1 USva
us-west-1 USwe1 USw1 USca
us-west-2 USwe2 USw2 USor
us-gov-west-1 gUSwe1 gUSw1 gUSnw
eu-west-1 EUwe1 Ew1 IEd
eu-west-2 EUwe2 Ew2 GBlnd
eu-central-1 EUce1 Ec1 DEhe
ap-southeast-1 APse1 APse1 SG
ap-southeast-2 APse2 APse2 AUnsw
ap-northeast-1 APne1 APne1 JP13
ap-northeast-2 APne2 APne2 KR11
sa-east-1 SAea1 SAe1 BRsp
cn-north-1 CNno1 Cn1 CN11

Bold-delimited codes for rich text

AWS code A1 A2 A2c B
us-east-1 usea1 use1 USE1 usva
us-west-1 uswe1 usw1 USW1 usca
us-west-2 uswe2 usw2 USW2 usor
us-gov-west-1 govuswe1 govusw1 USgW1 govusnw
eu-west-1 euwe1 ew1 EW1 ied
eu-west-2 euwe2 ew2 EW2 gblnd
eu-central-1 euce1 ec1 EC1 dehe
ap-southeast-1 apse1 apse1 APSE1 sg
ap-southeast-2 apse2 apse2 APSE2 aunsw
ap-northeast-1 apne1 apne1 APNE1 jp13
ap-northeast-2 apne2 apne2 APNE2 kr11
sa-east-1 saea1 sae1 SAE1 brsp
cn-north-1 cnno1 cn1 CN1 cn11
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