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Sample trinidad config
port: 8080 # port where trinidad is running
ajp: # ajp configuration section
port: 8009
jruby_min_runtimes: 1 # min number of runtimes
jruby_max_runtimes: 1 # max number of runtimes
config: /mnt/apps/velo-ul/current/config/
mysql_dbpool: # EXTENSION NAME AS KEY
jndi: 'jdbc/MyDb' # jndi name
username: 'some_user' # database username
password: 'secret' # database password
url: 'jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/velo-ul' # database url
maxActive: 100 # max nodes actives
maxIdle: 100 # max nodes idles
minIdle: 20
maxWait: 10000 # max nodes waiting
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