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@bradwright bradwright/path.el
Created Mar 15, 2012

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Set Emacs exec-path by shell $PATH
;; This sets the Emacs "PATH" environment variable and the `exec-path`
;; variable to the same value your login shell sees. The reason this
;; is necessary is because of this:
;; Basically apps launched from Finder inherit their environment from
;; a .plist file rather than the shell environment.
(defun set-exec-path-from-shell-PATH ()
"Sets the exec-path to the same value used by the user shell"
(let ((path-from-shell
"[[:space:]\n]*$" ""
(shell-command-to-string "$SHELL -l -c 'echo $PATH'"))))
(setenv "PATH" path-from-shell)
(setq exec-path (split-string path-from-shell path-separator))))
;; call function now

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commented Dec 3, 2014

Great stuff! Thank you!


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commented Aug 11, 2015

Yes, I like how short and sweet this is! Thank you!

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