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Created May 13, 2014 10:06
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GOV.UK versioning API


An append-only datastore with API to store all published versions of a document.

User needs

  • As a citizen, I need to see change history of a document so I can see how a policy or official document evolves over time (TRUST)
  • As someone whose job relies on historical versions (e.g a tax accountant, lawyer), I need to be able to see older versions of documents from specific points in time, so I can refer to them

Technical sketch

  • MongoDB datastore with a single collection:
  "change_note": "Updated due to x",
  "updated_at":  Date(),
  "base_path":   "/base-path-to-document",
  "document":    {}
  • Simple API:
    • GET /versions/base-path-to-document returns all versions sorted chronologically
    • POST /versions/base-path-to-document automatically adds a new version. Needs the following schema: {change_note: 'something changed', updated_at: Date(), document: {}}


  • Should we support major/minor versions here?
    • Could we implicitly support minor versions by making change_note optional?
  • Should we support 1.x style version numbers (related to above question about minor/major versions)
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alext commented May 13, 2014

Looks good. A couple of points:

Given this is append only, would created_at be a better name for the timestamp field?

Secondly, we would end up duplicating the base_path field at the top-level and within the document. I'm not sure that's actually a problem, but worth mentioning.

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heathd commented Jun 20, 2014

Have you considered whether we need to deal with slug/url changes? Although I agree that it should generally discouraged, I think if we design the underlying services around the fact, we will make those rare cases where slug changes are needed very difficult to handle.

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