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# This script will open up XCode for the IPhone project in the current directory.
# The Xcode dock icon will have a small badge of the IPhone apps Icon.png.
# The original XCode icon will be restored after closing XCode.
# ImageMagick is required.
# N.B. You might need to set write permission in the XCode app if it is system
# wide.
# Change these if you need to.
# Probably don't need to change this
if [ ! -e $RESOURCES/appicon.orig.icns ]
cp $RESOURCES/appicon.icns $RESOURCES/appicon.orig.icns
sips -s format tiff $RESOURCES/appicon.icns --out $TEMP/Xcode.tiff
composite -gravity SouthEast -geometry "200x200-0-0" Icon.png $TEMP/Xcode.tiff $TEMP/out.tiff
convert $TEMP/out.tiff -resize 128x128 $TEMP/out.tiff
tiff2icns $TEMP/out.tiff
cp $TEMP/out.icns $RESOURCES/appicon.icns
open -W *.xcodeproj
cp $RESOURCES/appicon.orig.icns $RESOURCES/appicon.icns
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