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3/13/22 translation update - new constants
ADDED: A quantity is required
ADDED: A signature is required for this document. Please sign document where required
ADDED: A source lot is required
ADDED: A valid UDI has not been processed yet.
ADDED: A warehouse is required
ADDED: ABN is required but not signed!
ADDED: Aborted since querystring hash was invalid
ADDED: Aborted since unable to complete transaction
ADDED: Aborted since unable to obtain token
ADDED: Aborted since unable to submit transaction
ADDED: Absolute path to node binary
ADDED: Accept Credit Card transactions from Front Payments
ADDED: Access Tokens
ADDED: Accounting Transactions Export
ADDED: Accounting transactions export to CSV
ADDED: Activates custom work flow logic
ADDED: Active Codes
ADDED: Add Missing Context Template.
ADDED: Add New Plan
ADDED: Add Row
ADDED: Add to History
ADDED: Additional information may be available
ADDED: Additionally, to the right is a toggle to select if you want to use the pop out window or dialog editor. The window allows having multiple editors open at the same time where the dialog is more appropriate for making quick edits
ADDED: Address, City, State, Postal Code, Payer ID
ADDED: Adj Amt
ADDED: Adj Type
ADDED: Adjust Type
ADDED: Adjustment type is required for each line with an adjustment.
ADDED: Adjustment type is required for every line item.
ADDED: Adjustment, Consumption, Return, or Edit
ADDED: Adjustments at Checkout
ADDED: Administrator Assign
ADDED: Aging Days
ADDED: All done.
ADDED: All Labs
ADDED: All Product Types
ADDED: All scores have been cleared.
ADDED: All Warehouses
ADDED: Allow in person credit card payments using Stripe Verifone P400. Ensure Stripe gateway is enabled.
ADDED: Allow manual entry and authorise credit card payments. Ensure a gateway is enabled.
ADDED: Allow More than one MA/IPPF code mapping
ADDED: Already a Care Plan form for this encounter. Using existing Care Plan form.
ADDED: Already a Clinical Notes form for this encounter. Using existing Clinical Notes form.
ADDED: Always
ADDED: An e-mail with your new account credentials will be sent to the e-mail address supplied earlier. You may still review or edit any part of your information by using the top step buttons to go to the appropriate panels. If after receiving credentials and you have trouble with access to the portal, please contact administration.
ADDED: An error occurred: Missing file to upload. Returning to form.
ADDED: An internal server error occurred
ADDED: An onset/hospitalization date may be specified for each visit.
ADDED: An unknown system error occurred during the export for resource
ADDED: Any part of the desired NPI
ADDED: Applicable only for family planning clinics
ADDED: Application name used throughout the user interface.
ADDED: Applies to this visit only
ADDED: are unanswered
ADDED: Are You Sure you want to delete this name?
ADDED: Are you sure you wish to delete this entire group?
ADDED: Are you sure you'd like to quit without saving your answers?
ADDED: Are you sure?
ADDED: as billed
ADDED: As Button
ADDED: As Large Text Link
ADDED: As Text Link
ADDED: Asked but no answer
ADDED: Assign
ADDED: Assigned Groups
ADDED: Assigned Templates
ADDED: At least one diagnosis is required! Please add a diagnosis for this order.
ADDED: Aud URI (use this in the "aud" claim of your JWT)
ADDED: Audits
ADDED: Authenticated API Users
ADDED: Automatically Create Prescriptions
ADDED: Automatically SFTP Claims To X12 Partner
ADDED: Available Templates
ADDED: Backup/Delete Log Data
ADDED: Basic Units
ADDED: Be careful with this feature. Back up your database and documents before using it!
ADDED: Becoming easily annoyed or irritable
ADDED: Beginning Account Balance
ADDED: Being irritable
ADDED: Being restless
ADDED: Being so restless that it's hard to sit still
ADDED: Below link is only valid for one hour.
ADDED: Best practice is to select Location(s) then a Category for the location then click the appropriate action button.
ADDED: Bibliographic Citation
ADDED: Brand Name
ADDED: but Needs Review
ADDED: button to clear Location selections, "Send" button to send templates to patient(s) or profiles
ADDED: C3 statistical reports.
ADDED: C3 Statistics Reporting
ADDED: Can not find where to insert.
ADDED: Cancel Payment
ADDED: Cancel/Exit
ADDED: Cancelled
ADDED: Cannot add to archive
ADDED: Cannot close because there are charges. Check out instead.
ADDED: Cervical Cancer Reporting
ADDED: Cervical cancer statistical reports.
ADDED: Charges for
ADDED: Chart to
ADDED: Chat Messaging
ADDED: Check if this is a cognitive status. Unchecked is a functional status
ADDED: Check or Reference Number
ADDED: Check your email inbox (and possibly your spam folder) for further instructions to register. If you have not received an email, then recommend contacting the clinic.
ADDED: Check your email inbox (and possibly your spam folder) for further instructions to reset your password. If you have not received an email, then recommend contacting the clinic.
ADDED: Checkout Receipt Note
ADDED: Checkout Receipt Ref
ADDED: checksum
ADDED: Choose constant column
ADDED: Choose definition column
ADDED: Cipher failure check encryption key
ADDED: City, State, ZIP
ADDED: Claim File Tracker
ADDED: Clear Insurance Debt
ADDED: Clear Left side values
ADDED: Clear OD{{right eye}} values
ADDED: Clear Right side values
ADDED: Click me to Open Patient Dashboard
ADDED: Click to add diagnosis for this test
ADDED: Click to expand or collapse All active patient templates panel.
ADDED: Click to expand or collapse Assigned Patients panel.
ADDED: Click to expand or collapse Repository templates panel.
ADDED: Click to open in a new window or tab
ADDED: Click to Re-Send this fax
ADDED: Click to review the Directory of Service for this test
ADDED: Click to use procedure code from code popup
ADDED: Click to view.
ADDED: Client List of IVE Activity
ADDED: Client Receipt
ADDED: Clinical Notes Form
ADDED: Close form without saving answers
ADDED: Close Patient Chart
ADDED: Cognitive
ADDED: Collected By
ADDED: comments
ADDED: Comments about change request
ADDED: Comments are required
ADDED: Committed Changes
ADDED: Committing changes. Please Wait
ADDED: Compose New Message
ADDED: Compose Reply Message
ADDED: Compute
ADDED: Concerning the General category. After being assigned to an active view, the General template will always appear as a base template in portal Pending documents i.e no category and as Default in the dashboard view.
ADDED: Conditions
ADDED: Confidential apps are applications that are able to safely and securely store a secret. Browser based and many mobile applications do not satisfy this security constraint
ADDED: Consumable
ADDED: Consumable Only
ADDED: Consumption
ADDED: Contact to sign up for Weno Free eRx service.
ADDED: Contact your Lab representative.
ADDED: Contraception Form; Acceptors New to Modern Contraception
ADDED: Copy Left to Right
ADDED: Copy OD{{right eye}} values to
ADDED: Copy OS{{left eye}} values to
ADDED: Copy Right to Left
ADDED: Copy to Layout...
ADDED: Could not create directory for X12 partner
ADDED: CQM (Mixed Types) Value Set
ADDED: Create
ADDED: Create New Referral
ADDED: Created Definitions
ADDED: Created Definitions List
ADDED: Credit
ADDED: Credit Card Pay
ADDED: Credit Card Pay in Person
ADDED: Credit Card Pay over Phone
ADDED: Credit Charge
ADDED: crt_user
ADDED: Current Charges
ADDED: Current Patient Only
ADDED: Current Physician
ADDED: Custom Checkout Receipt
ADDED: Customer
ADDED: Customers in Checkout and Receipt
ADDED: CYP statistical reports.
ADDED: CYP Statistics Reporting
ADDED: Daily statistical reports.
ADDED: Daily Statistics Reporting
ADDED: date
ADDED: Date of Birth Missing
ADDED: Date Registered
ADDED: Date Updated
ADDED: Default Adjust Type
ADDED: Default Customer
ADDED: Default Exam Values
ADDED: Default Patient Templates
ADDED: Default Procedure Type
ADDED: Default Values
ADDED: Definition Exists
ADDED: Definition Not Updated
ADDED: Delete Log Entries
ADDED: Delete OS{{left eye}} values
ADDED: Delivery is not allowed to the specified Direct Address:
ADDED: Description is Placeholder
ADDED: Destination Warehouse
ADDED: Destruction
ADDED: Details Not Available
ADDED: Developer error missing form 'patientForm'
ADDED: Developer error missing hidden form element 'selectedPatient'
ADDED: Developer error. Patient id is missing from dataset
ADDED: DI (Device Identifier)
ADDED: Difference
ADDED: Difficulty working etc.
ADDED: Directives
ADDED: Disable phiMail Test Mode
ADDED: Disable the restriction of only one IPPF code per MA code in superbill
ADDED: Discharge Disposition
ADDED: Discount/Adjustment
ADDED: Discounts at checkout time may be entered per invoice or per line item or both.
ADDED: Dislay main menu logo
ADDED: Display links to the acknowledgements page
ADDED: Display main menu logo
ADDED: Display Save and Close Visit button in LBFs
ADDED: Display the Donations link on the About page
ADDED: Display the Review link on the About page
ADDED: Do Nothing
ADDED: Do you really want to submit with no criteria selected?
ADDED: Donation ID
ADDED: Download and/or delete log data
ADDED: Download CCD
ADDED: Download Charted Documents
ADDED: Download CSV
ADDED: Download Log Entries as Zipped CSV
ADDED: Download or Delete Old Log Entries
ADDED: Downloading Document!
ADDED: Dup Check on only Edit, or Extra billing codes OK
ADDED: Duplicate Patient Management
ADDED: During the work-day, syncs occurs every
ADDED: Each provider needs to set this under user settings. This should be blank
ADDED: Each test in order gets a label.
ADDED: Edit Only
ADDED: Edit Signature
ADDED: Editing
ADDED: Empty Definition
ADDED: Empty Definitions
ADDED: empty file received
ADDED: Enable Authentication Using Google Sign-in
ADDED: Enable Facility/Warehouse Permissions
ADDED: Enable facility/warehouse restrictions in the user administration form.
ADDED: Enable Google Sign-In
ADDED: Enable OpenEMR FHIR System Scopes (Recommended Off, Turn on only if you know what you are doing)
ADDED: Enable OpenEMR FHIR System Scopes.
ADDED: Enable Save and Close
ADDED: Enable Weno eRx Service Test mode
ADDED: Encryption key issued by Weno eRx service.
ADDED: Encryption Pass Phrase
ADDED: End date is missing!
ADDED: Ending Account Balance
ADDED: English (Australian)
ADDED: Enter default values for OD{{right eye}}
ADDED: Enter defaults for Right side
ADDED: Enter defaults values for Left side
ADDED: Enter defaults values for OS{{left eye}}
ADDED: Enter Gift Card number in the Reference field
ADDED: Enter PIN code
ADDED: Entered
ADDED: entries with the oldest dated
ADDED: Entry Status
ADDED: Error Generating Batch File
ADDED: Error Message
ADDED: Error No selected Readers
ADDED: Error! Groups save failed. Check your Group lists.
ADDED: Error! Profiles save failed. Check your Profile lists.
ADDED: Error. Not Authorized.
ADDED: Error. Nothing to do.
ADDED: Error. Problem sending one or more templates.
ADDED: Error. Problem setting one or more profiles.
ADDED: event
ADDED: Eventually file name becomes a Pending document selection in Portal Documents.
ADDED: Exam or Test
ADDED: Exclude All E-Sign Logs On Report
ADDED: Expiry
ADDED: Export process timed out
ADDED: External Lab
ADDED: External Procedure
ADDED: External URL
ADDED: Extremely difficult
ADDED: Facility and warehouse permissions
ADDED: Facility Details
ADDED: Facility ID is missing
ADDED: Facility ID's
ADDED: Facility permissions
ADDED: Feature not activated
ADDED: Fee Sheet and Checkout
ADDED: Feeling afraid
ADDED: Feeling afraid as if something awful might happen
ADDED: Feeling nervous
ADDED: Feeling nervous, anxious, or on edge
ADDED: Filled
ADDED: First Name Missing
ADDED: For automatically sending claims that are generated in EDI directory to the X12 partner using SFTP credentials X12 Partner Settings
ADDED: For Category
ADDED: For example: Privacy_Agreement.txt becomes "Privacy Agreement" button in Patient Documents.
ADDED: For IPPF Argentina and maybe others
ADDED: For IPPF Belize and maybe others
ADDED: For IPPF Suriname and maybe others
ADDED: For Mental Status
ADDED: For NetSuite financial integration
ADDED: For sending claims directly to insurance company, based on X12 Partner Settings
ADDED: Force claim balancing in EOB Posting
ADDED: Front
ADDED: Front Office by Phone
ADDED: Front Office in Person
ADDED: Full Editor
ADDED: Full path to your node executable for starting external node.js processes.
ADDED: Functional
ADDED: Gateway for AuthorizeNet Manual Payments
ADDED: Gateway for Sphere Payments
ADDED: Gateway for Stripe Manual Payments
ADDED: GCAC statistical reports.
ADDED: GCAC Statistics Reporting
ADDED: Gender Missing
ADDED: General Anxiety Disorder 7 (GAD-7)
ADDED: Generate New Receipt Number
ADDED: Generate New Report
ADDED: Generate X-12 Based On Insurance Company
ADDED: Generating and charting requisition for PSC Hold Order
ADDED: Generating preview data. Please Wait
ADDED: Generating requisition based on order HL7 content
ADDED: Gest wks
ADDED: Gift Card Customer requires at least one Gift Card Payment Method
ADDED: Go to Duplicate Manager
ADDED: Google Email for Login
ADDED: Google reCAPTCHA V2 secret key
ADDED: Google reCAPTCHA V2 site key
ADDED: Google Sign-In Client ID
ADDED: Grant Type
ADDED: groupname
ADDED: Groups successfully saved.
ADDED: header invalid
ADDED: Healthcare facility
ADDED: hide else set to
ADDED: Hold on! You have unsaved changes in another form. Please just Save this form and then complete the other one.
ADDED: Home Facility
ADDED: How difficult have these problems made it to do work, take care of things at home, or get along with other people?
ADDED: How many sets of specimen labels to create?
ADDED: How often have you been bothered by the following over the past 2 weeks?
ADDED: How Paid
ADDED: How to display the patient name
ADDED: However, you can not use this email for patient registration since it is already being used.
ADDED: ID Card / Photos
ADDED: If nothing is selected here then all are permitted.
ADDED: If you are unsure or were using a development version between two releases, then choose the older of possible releases.
ADDED: If you do not want to allow this application to have offline access to your data, uncheck the offline_permission scope
ADDED: III{{patient suffix}}
ADDED: II{{patient suffix}}
ADDED: in category
ADDED: In General
ADDED: In House Authorize Payments
ADDED: In person payments with Stripe Verifone P400
ADDED: inactive
ADDED: Include all lists referenced in chosen layouts
ADDED: Include Customers in checkout and receipts. See the Customers list.
ADDED: Include Inactive Providers
ADDED: Include inactive providers in the fee sheet
ADDED: Include inactive providers in the fee sheet.
ADDED: Include line item unit price amounts in checkout and receipts.
ADDED: Include your initials and details of reason for transaction.
ADDED: Incorrect confirmation PIN
ADDED: Initially Open Sections
ADDED: Injury Log
ADDED: Insert in Form
ADDED: Install RxCUI monthly via Native Load or enable in Lists!
ADDED: Insurance payment
ADDED: Internal error: the referenced encounter no longer exists.
ADDED: Invalid file type.
ADDED: Invalid Request
ADDED: Invalid Request Parameters
ADDED: Inventory Administration
ADDED: Inventory Management
ADDED: Invoice Adjustment
ADDED: Invoice and Line Levels
ADDED: Invoice Level Only
ADDED: IPPF statistical reports.
ADDED: IPPF Statistics Reporting
ADDED: Issuing Agency
ADDED: It should be UTF-8 encoded with comma separated values.
ADDED: Item added
ADDED: Item Adjustment
ADDED: Item deleted
ADDED: IVE Client List
ADDED: IV{{patient suffix}}
ADDED: JSON Web Key Set (Note a hosted web URI is preferred and this feature may be removed in future SMART versions)
ADDED: JWT not found in system
ADDED: l/min
ADDED: Lab Configuration
ADDED: Last Action
ADDED: Last Name Missing
ADDED: Last Update
ADDED: Lastly is the view to show templates assigned to patients.
ADDED: Limit service provider selection according to the facility of the logged-in user.
ADDED: Line Items Only
ADDED: Link to Referential CDS
ADDED: List box w/comment
ADDED: Load from CSV
ADDED: LOBI Insurers Report
ADDED: Logged in User if provider, otherwise Current Provider
ADDED: Login Page Tagline
ADDED: MA statistical reports.
ADDED: MA Statistics Reporting
ADDED: Manual eREQ
ADDED: Manufacturing Date
ADDED: Mark as Unique
ADDED: Max number of results to process at a time per Lab
ADDED: Maximum idle time in seconds before logout. Default is 1800 (30 minutes).
ADDED: Maximum length of password (Recommend using the default value of 72 unless you know what you are doing).
ADDED: Maximum Password Length
ADDED: Measurement Units
ADDED: Medical Dashboard
ADDED: Medication Dosage Instructions
ADDED: Medication Request Intent
ADDED: Medication Usage
ADDED: Merge and Discard
ADDED: Merge and Keep
ADDED: Message List
ADDED: Mild anxiety disorder
ADDED: Min/Max Inventory as Months
ADDED: Min/max inventory is expressed as months of supply instead of units
ADDED: Missing information, so aborting credit/void.
ADDED: More than 1000 records found. Please narrow your search criteria.
ADDED: More than half of days
ADDED: More than half the days
ADDED: Move to Patient PID
ADDED: MRI Safety Status
ADDED: MSI (requires LBFmsivd form)
ADDED: Multi Select Patients or All Patients using toolbar Location
ADDED: Must have an encounter to take credit card payment.
ADDED: My Appointments
ADDED: My Dashboard
ADDED: My Documents
ADDED: My Profile
ADDED: My Signature
ADDED: Name (GMDN PT Name)
ADDED: Name/Username
ADDED: Nearly every day
ADDED: Neg/Nrml
ADDED: NetSuite Reports
ADDED: New Acceptor Policy
ADDED: new method in contraception form does not match the contraception service
ADDED: New payment
ADDED: Next Due
ADDED: No active access tokens found
ADDED: No active refresh tokens found
ADDED: No anxiety disorder
ADDED: No authorized users found for this client
ADDED: No available readers.
ADDED: No directory for X12 partner
ADDED: No file specified
ADDED: No history recorded
ADDED: No Language ID specified
ADDED: No Maximum
ADDED: No patients to select
ADDED: No patients without scores were found.
ADDED: No translations!
ADDED: No X-12 partner assigned for claim
ADDED: Non-Consumable Only
ADDED: None required
ADDED: not answered
ADDED: Not applicable
ADDED: Not at all
ADDED: Not being able to stop or control worrying
ADDED: Not controlling worry
ADDED: Not Required
ADDED: Not signed.
ADDED: Note Category
ADDED: Note Details
ADDED: Nothing to show for current actions.
ADDED: Offline access end date
ADDED: offline_access
ADDED: Old Medication
ADDED: On-line
ADDED: Once a template is uploaded, you may change the category at anytime from the repository view.
ADDED: Once a template or available profile have been selected the Send button will show in the Scope toolbar. Click it to perform the action. A confirmation popup will then show on success or an error message otherwise.
ADDED: One time
ADDED: Only Include E-Signed Forms On Report
ADDED: Only need to set this if the server is not providing the correct host for OAuth2, FHIR or CCDA. Example is
ADDED: Only Show Active Codes
ADDED: Onset/Hosp Date for Encounters
ADDED: Open invoice (will refresh page)
ADDED: Open/Close the PMSFH panel
ADDED: Open/Close the Shorthand Window and display Shorthand Codes.
ADDED: Order Documents
ADDED: Order Documents and Logs
ADDED: Order for
ADDED: Order HL7 Content
ADDED: Order Log
ADDED: Order Successfully Sent
ADDED: Order Test Type
ADDED: Ordering Provider is required but not selected!
ADDED: Panama
ADDED: Parse Token
ADDED: Password too long. Maximum characters allowed
ADDED: Patient Assigned Templates
ADDED: Patient Groups
ADDED: Patient Name Display
ADDED: Patient previous names history. Ensure to add the date the name was last used if known.
ADDED: Patient Selection
ADDED: patient_id
ADDED: Pay Previous Balance
ADDED: Payer Name
ADDED: Paying Amount
ADDED: Payment Processing
ADDED: Payment was successfully authorized and charged. Thank You.
ADDED: PDF Document
ADDED: Pediatric BMI Percentile
ADDED: Pediatric Head Circumference Percentile
ADDED: Pediatric Height Weight Percentile
ADDED: Pending investigation
ADDED: Persist Login
ADDED: Pharmacy Import not authorized
ADDED: Please answer all of the questions
ADDED: Please enter a payment amount
ADDED: Please Fill the Check or Reference Number
ADDED: Please ignore this email if you did not make this request.
ADDED: Please note, this message was received empty and is not an error.
ADDED: Please resolve errors and resubmit order.
ADDED: Please select a default provider.
ADDED: Please select an answer
ADDED: Please select procedure
ADDED: Please specify Void Notes.
ADDED: Please specify Void Reason.
ADDED: Please take action to prevent being logged out!
ADDED: Please wait
ADDED: Point to a custom user manual. Leave blank for the default, auto-generated URL for specific version of application
ADDED: Portal Idle Session Timeout Seconds
ADDED: POS Payment
ADDED: POS Payments
ADDED: POS Printer
ADDED: Pos/Abn
ADDED: Prepayment
ADDED: Prescriptions may be created from the Fee Sheet.
ADDED: Prescriptions Review Not Authorized
ADDED: Present an additional PDF custom receipt after checkout.
ADDED: Preview Changes
ADDED: Previous Balance
ADDED: Previous name history already exist. Try again or Cancel.
ADDED: Previous Names
ADDED: Primary Diagnosis
ADDED: Print Checkout
ADDED: Printed on
ADDED: Prior Validations Errors
ADDED: Problem loading.
ADDED: Problems or Code
ADDED: Proceed
ADDED: Process Results For
ADDED: Process UDI
ADDED: Processing Lab Name/Internal Lab Id/Results File Name
ADDED: Product name is required
ADDED: Product-level reorder point has been reached
ADDED: Profile Templates Successfully set to Active in portal.
ADDED: Profiles in Portal
ADDED: Profiles successfully saved.
ADDED: Profiles that have patient groups assigned to them are handled differently than those that do not. The latter is sent from the Scope toolbar to selected Location where the former shows an Update button to make the group profiles active for portal.
ADDED: Provider email address is missing. Go to address book to add providers email address
ADDED: Provider Missing NPI or Provider not selected in choices
ADDED: Provider Password is missing
ADDED: PSC Hold Order
ADDED: Purchase or Transfer
ADDED: Purchase/Receipt
ADDED: Qrda Lab
ADDED: Quantity cannot be negative for this transaction type
ADDED: querystring hash was invalid
ADDED: Quest Cert Debug
ADDED: Quest Cert Testing
ADDED: Rapid Workflow Option
ADDED: Re-Process UDI
ADDED: Really destroy this lot?
ADDED: Reason not given
ADDED: Recommend contacting the clinic if need guidance.
ADDED: Recompute Score
ADDED: Recurring
ADDED: Reference table and reference id must both be set
ADDED: Referential CDS
ADDED: Referential CDS (codetype:code)
ADDED: Referred To
ADDED: Refresh Tokens
ADDED: Relates To
ADDED: Reorder point has been reached for warehouse
ADDED: Reorder Qty
ADDED: Replace all exam findings with Default values? Are you sure?
ADDED: Report was faxed to
ADDED: Reporting
ADDED: Repository always.
ADDED: Required in
ADDED: Required Primary Diagnosis for Order. This will be automatically added to any missing test order diagnosis.
ADDED: Resolve Orphans
ADDED: Restrict Providers by Facility
ADDED: Restricted Projects Reporting
ADDED: Results Per Lab
ADDED: Returned:
ADDED: Revert Error
ADDED: Revoke Token
ADDED: Revoke User
ADDED: Rule Bibliographic Citation
ADDED: Save and Close Visit
ADDED: Save Profiles
ADDED: Save rejected because someone else has changed this list. Please try again.
ADDED: Scope
ADDED: Score
ADDED: SE Address Line 2
ADDED: Search criteria.
ADDED: Search from external RxNorm table. Vocabulary RXNORM
ADDED: Search from native inventory drugs table
ADDED: Search from native loaded RxCUI table.
ADDED: Search Web API
ADDED: Second is the All Patients. This View shows all current templates that are default to all patients.
ADDED: Secure Mail
ADDED: Select a CSV file with translation information to review.
ADDED: Select an end date. Entries after this date will not be downloaded or deleted.
ADDED: Select Documents
ADDED: Select Insurance Company
ADDED: Select Location
ADDED: Select Note Category
ADDED: Select Note Type
ADDED: Select Options for Current Order Id
ADDED: Select patient
ADDED: Select Plan
ADDED: Select Procedure
ADDED: Select Procedure Code
ADDED: Send a report to this provider
ADDED: Sending Claims via STFP. Check status on the `Claim File Tracker`
ADDED: Sending From
ADDED: Sending Templates or Profiles
ADDED: Serial Number
ADDED: Service and Client Volume Report
ADDED: Several days
ADDED: Severe anxiety disorder
ADDED: SFTP Local Directory
ADDED: SFTP Login Credentials
ADDED: SFTP Pass Credentials
ADDED: SFTP Remote Directory
ADDED: Shifts Reporting
ADDED: Show empty lots
ADDED: Show inactive
ADDED: Show labels on the login form
ADDED: Show Password
ADDED: Show Referrals Section
ADDED: Show Tagline on Login Page
ADDED: Show the tagline from the login screen
ADDED: Show Username and Password Labels on Login Page
ADDED: Simplified; Contraceptive Start Date on Tally Sheet
ADDED: Site Address Override (if needed for OAuth2, FHIR or CCDA)
ADDED: Something went wrong. Recommend contacting the clinic.
ADDED: Somewhat difficult
ADDED: Specialty Form
ADDED: Specimen Collections date has not been entered and this is not a PSC Hold Order!
ADDED: Sphere
ADDED: Sphere Clinicfront in person (RETAIL) Transaction CustID
ADDED: Sphere Clinicfront in person (RETAIL) Transaction CustID License Key
ADDED: Sphere Clinicfront over phone (MOTO) Transaction CustID
ADDED: Sphere Clinicfront over phone (MOTO) Transaction CustID License Key
ADDED: Sphere Ecomm TC Link Password
ADDED: Sphere MOTO TC Link Password
ADDED: Sphere Patientfront (Ecomm) Transaction CustID
ADDED: Sphere Patientfront (Ecomm) Transaction CustID License Key
ADDED: Sphere RETAIL TC Link Password
ADDED: Sphere Void/Credit Confirmation Password. OpenEMR confirms pin/password before proceeding with void/credit.
ADDED: Sphere Void/Credit Confirmation PIN
ADDED: Street Address incomplete Missing
ADDED: Submit Document
ADDED: Submitter Name (3rd Party Submitter Only)
ADDED: Submitter Name (If applicable)
ADDED: Subscriber Address Line 1
ADDED: Subscriber Address Line 2
ADDED: Successful
ADDED: Successful payment
ADDED: Successfully marked claim
ADDED: Successfully processed claim
ADDED: Successfully revoked access token
ADDED: Successfully revoked refresh token
ADDED: Successfully revoked Trusted User
ADDED: Successfully Validated claim
ADDED: Sync Frequency
ADDED: Synchronization with MedEx is paused
ADDED: system, user, and offline_access scopes require confidential app permissions.
ADDED: Tag to Procedure
ADDED: Tagline text on the login page
ADDED: Telephone
ADDED: Template Actions
ADDED: Template Category successfully changed to new Category
ADDED: Template Maintenance
ADDED: Template Repository
ADDED: Template Uploads
ADDED: Templates are automatically uploaded to the Template Repository. All actions on template disposal such as sending templates based on what locations are selected from the Scope bar or selecting Profiles to activate in portal, will be carried out here.
ADDED: Templates Successfully sent to Locations.
ADDED: Test Code Information
ADDED: Test Value
ADDED: Test/Screening
ADDED: Text Templates
ADDED: The following items are required for System Scopes
ADDED: The job id you submitted was invalid
ADDED: The log has
ADDED: The Scope toolbar is global to the entire view. It consists of Location, Category and action buttons.
ADDED: The Transaction ID for the credit was
ADDED: The transaction_id for the void was
ADDED: There are three main template views. The first is the Repository where you store templates for future edits and disposal.
ADDED: There is a charge transaction that has not been captured.
ADDED: there is a contraception form new method but no contraception service
ADDED: there is a contraception service but no contraception form new method
ADDED: There was a problem registering you. Recommend contacting clinic for assistance.
ADDED: This application has requested offline access to your data. This permission will allow the data you authorize below to be accessed for an extended period of time
ADDED: This charge was reversed via credit on following date
ADDED: This charge was reversed via void on following date
ADDED: This Client ID Is Provided By Google For Your App (Required For Google Sign-in)
ADDED: This device is labeled as a Human Cell, Tissue or Cellular or Tissue-Based Product (HCT/P).
ADDED: This device is required to be labeled as containing natural rubber latex or dry natural rubber.
ADDED: This fax has already been sent to
ADDED: This is helpful if visits usually do not have charges.
ADDED: This note goes on the bottom of every checkout receipt.
ADDED: This patient has already been added to the list
ADDED: This provider will be used as the default for services not specifying a provider.
ADDED: This question is optional and not included in the final score
ADDED: This run is incomplete due to time expiration.
ADDED: This search field does not exist or is not supported
ADDED: This transaction credited the following Transaction ID
ADDED: This transaction voided the following Transaction ID
ADDED: This will abandon any edits!
ADDED: This will advance the receipt number. Please print the receipt if you have not already done so.
ADDED: This will hide any e-sign logs on the patient report
ADDED: This will hide any encounter forms not E-Signed on the patient report
ADDED: This will permanently delete all lots of this product. Related reports will be incomplete or incorrect. Are you sure?
ADDED: Ticket
ADDED: Time Collected
ADDED: To Dashboard
ADDED: To encounter
ADDED: To Repository Location
ADDED: to search Location and Category current selections or refresh views. By selecting location and or category, all the tables in the form will reflect those selection.
ADDED: To send template or available profiles to patient(s), simply select the patient(s) from the Location select then select the templates to be sent from the repository send check box.
ADDED: To upload local text or html templates click the Upload button in Template Repository title to expose the file select button. Next select a Category from Scope bar if wanted then click files select button to show the file browser. You may select as many files to upload within reason
ADDED: Token
ADDED: Token DB Id
ADDED: Token details
ADDED: Token Expiration
ADDED: Token for connection to ASSE SOAP server
ADDED: Token JTI(DB token value)
ADDED: Token Status
ADDED: Token Tools
ADDED: Token Type
ADDED: Too many search results found. Displaying a limited set of patients. Narrow your search results through the filters above.
ADDED: Total Charges This Visit
ADDED: Total GAD-7 score
ADDED: Total Payments This Visit
ADDED: Total pharmacies
ADDED: Total Visit Charges
ADDED: Transaction Cancelled
ADDED: Transaction date must not be in the future or before 2000
ADDED: Transaction Declined
ADDED: Transaction Error
ADDED: Transaction failed, duplicate lot
ADDED: Transaction ID
ADDED: Transaction Not Successful
ADDED: Transaction Progress
ADDED: Translated
ADDED: Transmitter
ADDED: Trouble relaxing
ADDED: Type to search.
ADDED: UDI (Unique Device Identifier)
ADDED: UDI field is missing
ADDED: UDI search failed
ADDED: UDI{{Unique Device Identifier}}
ADDED: Unable to access directory for lab npi:
ADDED: Unable to complete transaction
ADDED: Unable to Parse file! Verify File encoding
ADDED: Unable to save files. Use back button!
ADDED: Unchanged Entries verified
ADDED: Unit Price in Checkout and Receipt
ADDED: Unknown Script Error: See Browser Console for Detail
ADDED: Unselect all
ADDED: Update From
ADDED: Updated Definitions
ADDED: Updated Definitions List
ADDED: URL of ASSE SOAP server. Must be blank if not a Uruguay site. Enter "test" for dummy data.
ADDED: URL to a support page.
ADDED: Uruguay ASSE Token
ADDED: Uruguay SINADI statistical report.
ADDED: Use Default
ADDED: Use RxNorm
ADDED: Used on the login and about pages
ADDED: user
ADDED: User Manual Link Override
ADDED: user_notes
ADDED: Verify Contents to apply to
ADDED: Verify Email
ADDED: Verify your email for patient portal registration
ADDED: Version/Model Number
ADDED: Very difficult
ADDED: via
ADDED: View the Summary Report sent to
ADDED: Visits by Item Report
ADDED: Void All Checkouts
ADDED: Void All Checkouts and Re-Open
ADDED: Void Charge
ADDED: Void Dialog
ADDED: Void Last Checkout
ADDED: Void Notes
ADDED: Void Reason
ADDED: Void/Credit
ADDED: Warehouse Details
ADDED: Warning: Contraception for a patient under 10 or over 65.
ADDED: Warning: Most lots should have an expiration date. Continue anyway?
ADDED: Warning: Source and target facilities differ. Continue anyway?
ADDED: We received a patient registration email verification request from this email address at
ADDED: We received a patient registration email verification request. The link to verify your email is below.
ADDED: Web Service
ADDED: Weno Encryption Key
ADDED: Weno eRx
ADDED: Weno Provider Account Password
ADDED: When to follow up
ADDED: When you are ready to run phiMail in production mode. Turn on this flag.
ADDED: With selected
ADDED: Working
ADDED: Worrying
ADDED: Worrying too much about different things
ADDED: X-12 Generated Successfully
ADDED: X-12 Partner
ADDED: You are about to delete a template
ADDED: You may send Message with Image or Video
ADDED: You must add a patient to the list before hitting ok
ADDED: You must provide a patient name or id to add to the list
ADDED: Your current log on session will expire in 30 seconds.
ADDED: Your Document History
ADDED: Your email has been verified. Click Next.
ADDED: Your email verification link has expired. Reset and try again.
ADDED: Your JWKS is invalid
ADDED: Zero length attachment
ADDED: Zero Stock Days
ADDED: Zip Code Missing
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