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Created January 9, 2014 17:21
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WordPress: Cache post thumbnail attachments that appear in a WP_Query loop.
* Plugin Name: Cache Post Thumbnails
* Description: Prime the post thumbnails cache for individual loops.
* Version: 1.0.0
* Author: Brady Vercher
* Author URI:
* License: GPL-2.0+
* License URI:
* Prime post thumbnail cache.
* Automatically primes the cache for the main loop on the front page and
* archives. The cache can be activated for additional queries using the
* 'blazersix_cache_post_thumbnails' filter.
* Custom queries can also pass a 'blazersix_cache_post_thumbnails' flag via the
* query args to prime the cache.
* @since 1.0.0
* @param array $posts List of posts in the query.
* @param WP_Query $wp_query WP Query object.
* @return array
function blazersix_prime_post_thumbnails_cache( $posts, $wp_query ) {
// Prime the cache for the main front page and archive loops by default.
$is_main_archive_loop = $wp_query->is_main_query() && ! is_singular();
$do_prime_cache = apply_filters( 'blazersix_cache_post_thumbnails', $is_main_archive_loop );
if ( ! $do_prime_cache && ! $wp_query->get( 'blazersix_cache_post_thumbnails' ) ) {
return $posts;
update_post_thumbnail_cache( $wp_query );
return $posts;
add_action( 'the_posts', 'blazersix_prime_post_thumbnails_cache', 10, 2 );
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Hello, thanks for code Bradyvercher, it works like a charm :) 🥇 But I have a problem, it doesnt caching the custom post type's thumbnails. Could you help me about that ?
Thank you.

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