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A gist to create confirmation js with sweet alert
// Add .delete-confirm class to your delete button or href
// Swal
$('.delete-confirm').on('click', function(e) {
var href = this;
title: "Êtes-vous sûr?",
text: "Après suppression l'article ne sera plus accessible",
type: "warning",
showCancelButton: true,
confirmButtonColor: '#e74c3c',
cancelButtonText: "Non, annuler!",
confirmButtonText: "Oui, supprimer!",
closeOnConfirm: false,
closeOnCancel: false
function(isConfirm) {
if (isConfirm) {
window.location.href = href;
} else {
swal("Annulation", "Vous avez annuler la suppression :)", "success");
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