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Last active January 7, 2024 19:31
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How to setup Wireless Links to avoid Wired backbone using WDS on Atheros for OpenWRT / LEDE
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Yes, some devices like iPhones or devices with other brand of wireless interfaces like intel or broadcom or mediatek sometimes does not like atheros WDS negociation or viceversa, but works fine, wireless devices just slow a little or disconnect sometimes.

It is flexible to use ssid instead of bssid if you need to replace a repeater, dont need to re-configure the other AP o or Client.

Sometimes is more practical to have different wireless shared keys, one for wireless links and one for devices.

This is needed only if you need Repeaters to have wireless connection, but it does not perform too well as with dumb AP using wired connection to each one. You will inmediatly start to notice bottleneck problems with many devices, more than 10 or 15... keep in mind that all connections will travel to just one physical wireless interface no matter what, This will happen if you have both configurations, one or more than one ssid.

Another option is to use a expensive router with more wireless throuput and dual band capabilites and more tx power and use just one repeater if needed.

But it is useful to use in a big home when you don't wanna wire all the place just put two or three cheap repeaters around and you are done.

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Hi. Do you have a script for Dual-band router and client, using one band for LinkWDS/ClientWDS, the other band (same SSID between main-router and client-expander) is used for phone,tablet Wifi use (with transparent roaming) ? Thank you.

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@github535 Yes, I've done that, let me dig in my notes and collect those features on a single script detailing the config. Give me one or two days or better yet until next monday. I'll keep you posted.

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