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Created Aug 3, 2014
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Minitest Rails Setup
#add to this file under the application class
config.generators do |g|
g.test_framework :minitest, spec: true, fixture: false
g.helper false
g.assets false
g.view_specs false
g.integration_specs false
end"test:features" => "test:prepare") do |t|
t.pattern = "test/features/*_test.rb"
#add to the Gemfile
group :test do
gem 'minitest-rails'
gem 'minitest-spec-expect'
gem 'minitest-reporters'
require File.expand_path('../../config/environment', __FILE__)
require 'rails/test_help'
require 'minitest/reporters'
require 'minitest/spec/expect'
require "minitest/rails"
class ActiveSupport::TestCase
# Setup all fixtures in test/fixtures/*.yml for all tests in alphabetical order.
# Note: You'll currently still have to declare fixtures explicitly in integration tests
# -- they do not yet inherit this setting
fixtures :all
# Add more helper methods to be used by all tests here...
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