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Anritsu MS2721B quick and dirty over-telnet symbol enumeration
#!/usr/bin/env python
import re
import csv
import telnetlib
from collections import defaultdict
## EXAMPLE FROM MS2721B telnet session
TEST_PAYLOAD='''lkAddr 0\r\n0x0c002000 _usrEntry text \r\n0x0c002040 _sysInit text \r\n0x0c002064 _intPrioTable text \r\n0x0c0
0216c _intPrioTableSize text \r\n0x0c002180 _ataDrv text \r\n0x0c002e40 _ataDevCreate text \r\n0x0c0030c0 _ataRawio
text \r\n0x0c0050e0 _testAtaRw text \r\n0x0c005140 _mysysInWordString text \r\n0x0c0051c0 _mysysInLongString text \r\n0x0c00
5240 _batteryInit text \r\n0x0c0052a0 _giBatteryCmd text \r\nvalue = 0 = 0x0\r\n->'''
HOST = ""
PROMPT = b"->"
SYMBOLS = defaultdict(dict)
tn = telnetlib.Telnet(HOST)
def connect(host):
def exit():
def decode_payload(payload):
records = payload.split('\\r\\n')
for r in records:
if '_' in r: # symbol found
if 'value = 0' not in r:
addr, func = r.split(' ')[0:2] # only interested in addresses and symbols
SYMBOLS[addr] = func
# return latest pair to carry on
return addr, func
def lookup_address(addr):
tn.write(bytes("lkAddr {}\r\n".format(addr).encode()))
return str(payload)
def main():
print("Connecting to host {}".format(HOST))
print("Going through all address space, from 0x0 to 0x03f8000")
addr = "0"
# while int(addr, 16) < int("0x03f80000", 16):
while int(addr, 16) != int("0x0fb93aac", 16):
# while int(addr, 16) <= int("0x0fb94000", 16):
payload = lookup_address(addr)
next_addr, symbols = decode_payload(payload)
addr = next_addr
print("addr {}: {}".format(addr, symbols))
with open("anritsu_symbols.csv", 'w') as f:
writer = csv.writer(f)
for k,v in SYMBOLS.items():
if __name__ == "__main__":
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