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Brew test bot bottling errors
$ brew test-bot --skip-setup --root-url= --bintray-org=brainstorm --tap=brainstorm/musl-cross
Homebrew/homebrew-test-bot fe05361 (Merge pull request #338 from Bo98/dep_no_dev)
ARGV: --skip-setup --root-url= --bintray-org=brainstorm --tap=brainstorm/musl-cross
Homebrew.args: #<Homebrew::CLI::Args argv=["test-bot", "--skip-setup", "--root-url=", "--bintray-org=brainstorm", "--tap=brainstorm/musl-cross"], remaining=[], cmdline_args=["--skip-setup", "--root-url=", "--bintray-org=brainstorm", "--tap=brainstorm/musl-cross"], skip_setup?=true, root_url="", bintray_org="brainstorm", tap="brainstorm/musl-cross">
Error: No known CI provider detected! If you are using GitHub Actions or Jenkins
ghprb-plugin, then we cannot find the expected environment
variables! Check you have e.g. exported them to a Docker container.
Homebrew/brew 2.2.9-25-g19050bd73 (Merge pull request #6974 from athas/cabal-v2)
Homebrew/homebrew-core 00f1f5ca7c (jenkins 2.224 (#51339))
Testing tap brainstorm/musl-cross with:
origin/master 19050bd73 (Merge pull request #6974 from athas/cabal-v2)
HEAD 19050bd73 (Merge pull request #6974 from athas/cabal-v2)
diff_start_sha1 19050bd738e36d20eb374d8a43c694807876c82d
diff_end_sha1 19050bd73
Formula changes to be tested:
added formulae (empty)
modified formulae (empty)
deleted formulae (empty)
==> brew readall --aliases brainstorm/musl-cross

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@brainstorm brainstorm commented Mar 10, 2020

Solution (I was missing the non-flag argument):

$ brew test-bot --skip-setup --root-url= --bintray-org=brainstorm --tap=brainstorm/musl-cross brainstorm/homebrew-musl-cross/musl-cross
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