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Last active Sep 12, 2021
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FEB Virtual Community: Visualizations

Please find attached!

graph TD
A[fa:fa-flag Admissions] -->|Sends survey to| F(Sends Survey to Family)
F[fa:fa-home Family] --> |Takes Survey| C{Are you definitely attending F2F?}
C -->|Yes| Y[fa:fa-check Added to Yes List]
C -->|No| N[fa:fa-times-circle Added to No List]
C -->|Undecided| U[fa:fa-question-circle Added to Undecided List]
U -->|Admissions manually emails 1 by 1| A
Y --> T(Shared with teachers)
N --> L(Shared with leadership)
Alice->>+John: Hello John, how are you?
Alice->>+John: John, can you hear me?
John-->>-Alice: Hi Alice, I can hear you!
John-->>-Alice: I feel great!
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