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Last active May 20, 2018
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Fixing the XCode 9.x Simulator 3D/Map Performance issue

Got a slow/unresponsive Simulator with XCode 9.x?

You're most likely using some kind of 3D or Native Maps in your App then, no? Awaiting XCode 9.1 (which contains a fix) here's a workaround which replaces the bundled OpenGLES.framework with the version from XCode 9.0 beta 3.

Please do note …

⚠️ Installing frameworks/binaries from unfamiliar/untrusted resources always involves some risk. I can only say that I’ve been using the linked version without any issues. Your mileage may vary.


  • Make sure the Simulator is closed

  • Download from

  • Extract the and move the OpenGLES.framework to its proper location:

     # Go to folder where the downloaded resides
     cd ~/Downloads
     # Unzip it
     # Back up existing framework
     sudo mv /Applications/ /Applications/
     # Move “new” framework into place
     sudo mv OpenGLES.framework /Applications/

That should do the trick :)


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