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Last active February 27, 2023 17:28
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Obsidian Templates (Nederlands / Plugins: Tasks, Templater, Dataview)

Aangemaakt op <%"dddd Do MMMM YYYY") %> om <%"HH:mm") %>u

Aangemaakt om <%"HH:mm") %>u

date tags
<%"YYYYMMDD") %>

[[<%"YYYYMMDD", -1) %>|<< Vorige]] | [[<%"YYYYMMDD", 1) %>|Volgende >>]]

<%"dddd Do MMMM YYYY") %>

<% tp.file.include("[[a-created-time]]") %>

Notities van vandaag

FROM "Articles πŸ“°" OR "Doelen πŸ“" OR "Journals πŸ—ž" OR "Notities πŸ“" OR "Personen πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦"
WHERE date =
SORT file.ctime DESC


3 Dingen Doen <% tp.file.include("[[a-task]]") %> <% tp.file.include("[[a-task]]") %> <% tp.file.include("[[a-task]]") %>

Dagelijkse routine

  • Korte workout gedaan πŸ“… <%"YYYY-MM-DD") %>
  • Gemediteerd πŸ“… <%"YYYY-MM-DD") %>
  • Journal geschreven πŸ“… <%"YYYY-MM-DD") %>

<% tp.file.include("[[m-tasks-work]]") %>


not done
due before tomorrow
path does not include <% tp.file.path(true) %>

Vandaag gedaan

WHERE completion != null AND completion = date("<%"YYYY-MM-DD") %>")

Deze week

not done
due after today
due before next monday

[[Taken βœ…|βœ… Go to all tasks]]

Gedaan vandaag

Hoogtepunten van vandaag

date aliases tags
<%"YYYYMMDD") %>


<% tp.file.include("[[a-created-date]]") %>

Openstaande taken

  .where(t => !t.completed)
  .where(t => t.text.includes(dv.current()


  • [[]]

Gerelateerde notities

<% tp.file.include("[[m-related to this note]]") %>


  • Teams status online πŸ“… <%"YYYY-MM-DD") %>
  • E-mail [[FedEx]] gecheckt πŸ“… <%"YYYY-MM-DD") %>
  • E-mail van [[Bram Willemse|mij]] gecheckt πŸ“… <%"YYYY-MM-DD") %>


  • Teams status offline πŸ“… <%"YYYY-MM-DD") %>
  • Agenda morgen gecheckt πŸ“… <%"YYYY-MM-DD") %>
  • Timesheets geΓΌpdatet πŸ“… <%"YYYY-MM-DD") %>
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