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Created June 8, 2020 10:55
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#gh completion
eval "$(gh completion -s bash)"
# Functions
function hello() {
echo "Hello, $1!"
export -f hello
# Delete all node_modules from master directory
alias node_purge='find . -name "node_modules" -type d -prune -exec rm -rf '{}' +'
# ls
alias ll='ls -alF --color'
alias la='ls -A --color'
alias l='ls -CF --color'
# Misc
alias bedit='io.elementary.code ~/.bashrc'
alias nedit='nano ~/.bashrc'
alias gedit='io.elementary.code'
alias sedit='sudo io.elementary.code'
alias reload='clear && source ~/.bashrc'
alias public-ip='curl'
alias webo='sudo chown www-data:www-data -Rv'
alias webp='sudo chmod 775 -Rv'
alias hsg='history | grep'
# Git
alias gist="git status"
alias check="git checkout"
alias giff="git diff"
alias gadd="git add"
# Networking
alias ports="sudo netstat -lntup"
alias ss_ports="sudo ss -lntu"
alias ls_ports="sudo lsof"
# Linux Commands
## Boot Logs
alias boot-logs="journalctl -b"
## Service Logs
# Docker
alias dk="docker"
alias dps="docker ps"
alias dki="docker image"
alias dkl="docker images"
alias dkf="docker system df"
alias dkv="docker volume"
# Docker Container
alias dc="docker container"
alias dls="docker container ls -a"
alias dcl="docker container ls -a"
alias dcs="docker container stop"
# Docker Compose
alias up="docker-compose up"
alias down="docker-compose down"
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