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Saving new Matrix data
// Get the entry
$entry = craft()->entries->getEntryById(100);
// Convert the existing data to what it would look like in POST
$matrixData = array();
foreach ($entry->matrixField as $block)
$blockData = array(
'type' => $block->getType()->handle,
'enabled' => $block->enabled
switch ($block->getType()->handle)
case 'text':
$blockData['fields'] = array(
'textField' => $block->textField
case 'image':
$blockData['fields'] = array(
'assetsField' => $block->assetsField->ids(),
'captionField' => $block->captionField
$matrixData[$block->id] = $blockData;
// Add new rows
$matrixData['new1'] = array( // The 'new' prefix tells Matrix this is a new block
'type' => 'image', // 'image' is the block type handle
'enabled' => true,
'fields' => array(
'assetsField' => array(200), // 200 is an asset ID
'captionField' => 'Some caption'
// Set the new Matrix data
$entry->getContent()->matrixField = $matrixData;
// Save the entry
/* NOTE: Craft 1.4 will come with APIs that make it possible to directly edit Matrix field data,
* without going through the owner element (the entry, in this case).
* The above will still be possible, with one exception: line 50 would need to be rewritten to:
* $entry->setContentFromPost(array('matrixField' => $matrixData));
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sperand-io commented Dec 30, 2013

Brandon- so going forward after 1.4 we'll have programmatic access to matrix fields separate from their owner? Could you elaborate on what additional functionality this enables us to tap with plug-ins?

I'm a little confused- are instances of a given matrix field (ie. one created within any given entry) going to exist/ be accessible outside the scope of the entry it was created in?

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brandonkelly commented Jan 11, 2014

@sperand-io We plan on adding new MatrixService API methods in 1.4, but I'm not going to go into detail on them until they're written.

If you just want access to the blocks without going through their owner, that's already possible:

$criteria = craft()->elements->getCriteria(ElementType::MatrixBlock);
$criteria->ownerId = 100;
$criteria->fieldId = 5;
$blocks = $criteria->find();

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robertbanh commented Jan 25, 2014

I found a nasty bug. If you use the gist to add matrix entries, it has a side effect of clearing out other matrix fields associated to the entry. This will only affect you if you have more than one matrix field in your entry.

For example, if I have the following setup:

New Entry called "SXSW 2014".
There are 2 matrix fields; ticketsMatrix and scheduleMatrix.

If you have existing matrix values in ticketsMatrix and scheduleMatrix... and you run the gist above to populate the ticketsMatrix, then all existing values under the scheduleMatrix field will be purge.

Craft is aware of the bug and it should be fixed in version 1.4 of the MatrixService API.

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