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British English cheatsheet

British English cheatsheet




British prefers present perfect tense over simple past tense
Possession: have got over have and have got to over have to.

British American
Have you done your homework yet? Did you do your homework yet?
I’ve already eaten. I already ate.
I’ve got two sisters. I have two sisters.
I’ve got to go now. I have to go now.
He’s got much better at playing tennis. He’s gotten much better at playing tennis.


Differences in prefix and suffix forms:

  • ae or oe over e
  • -se over -ze
  • -re over -er
  • -our over -or
  • -ogue over -og

British also prefers doubled consonants, and an added e.

British American
aeroplane airplane
cancelled canceled
catalogue catalog
centre center
cheque check
colour color
defence defense
dialogue dialog
faeces feces
flavour flavor
grey gray
humour humor
judgement judgment
labour labor
licence license
loveable lovable
metre meter
modernisation modernization
mum(my) mom(my)
oestrogen estrogen
patronise patronize
programme program
recognise recognize
routeing routing
skilful skillful
theatre theater
traveller traveler
whisky whiskey


British American
angry mad
anticlockwise counterclockwise
arse ass
aubergine eggplant
autumn fall
bank note bill
bin trash can
biscuit cookie
block of flats apartment building
braces suspenders
bonnet hood
boot trunk
car park parking lot
chemist's drugstore, pharmacy
chips french fries
courgette zucchini
crisps potato chips
cupboard closet
draw tie
first floor second floor
flat apartment
full stop period
ground floor first floor
indicator blinker
jacket potato baked potato
jumper, pullover sweater
lift elevator
loo restroom
lorry truck
nappy diaper
mobile phone cell phone
motorway highway
moustache mustache
pavement slidewalk
petrol gas, gasoline
peckish hungry
phone box phone booth
pitch field
post mail
postcode zip code
queue line
rubber eraser
rubbish trash
runner bean string bean
solicitor attorney
sweets candy
takeaway takeout
tap faucet
telly tv, television
timetable schedule
torch flashlight
trousers pants
trainers sneakers
tube, underground subway
tyre tire
waistcoat vest
windscreen windshield
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