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Last active Jan 9, 2017
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my stats of 2016

In 2016 I thoroughly logged most of my days (302/366 days; didn't log on climbing trips). Some stats:

  • 183 days when I took a cold shower in the morning.
  • 113 sessions of pilates in the morning.
  • 106 days when I meditated >5min.
  • Ran 339.39km (46 sessions).
  • Commuted 63 days by bike.
  • 114 sessions of climbing; 159hr spent indoors.
  • 65 days when I had at least one meal with meat.
  • Consumed 483 caffeine units (>20mg).
  • 22 days of being sick.
  • 47 days when when I had at least one unit of alcohol.
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