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vimdiff cheat sheet

vimdiff cheet sheet

git mergetool

git config --global merge.tool=vimdiff

vimdiff key mappings

map <Leader>1 :diffget LOCAL<CR>
map <Leader>2 :diffget BASE<CR>
map <Leader>3 :diffget REMOTE<CR>

vimdiff commands


]c :            next difference
[c :            previous difference
do              diff obtain
dp              diff put
zo              open folded text
zc              close folded text
:diffupdate     re-scan the files for differences

moving between windows

CTRL-W h        move to the window on the left
CTRL-W j        move to the window below
CTRL-W k        move to the window above
CTRL-W l        move to the window on the right
CTRL-W t        move to the TOP window
CTRL-W b        move to the BOTTOM window
CTRL-W CTRL-W   move to the next window

moving windows

CTRL-W K        move window to the upper
CTRL-W H        move window to the far left
CTRL-W J        move window to the bottom
CTRL-W L        move window to the far right
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