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Script to uninstall Visual Studio for Mac
# Uninstall Visual Studio for Mac
echo "Uninstalling Visual Studio for Mac..."
sudo rm -rf "/Applications/Visual"
rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/VisualStudio
rm -rf ~/Library/Preferences/VisualStudio
rm -rf ~/Library/Preferences/Visual\ Studio
rm -rf ~/Library/Logs/VisualStudio
rm -rf ~/Library/VisualStudio
rm -rf ~/Library/Preferences/Xamarin/
rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/VisualStudio
rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/VisualStudio/7.0/LocalInstall/Addins/
# Uninstall Xamarin.Android
echo "Uninstalling Xamarin.Android..."
sudo rm -rf /Developer/MonoDroid
rm -rf ~/Library/MonoAndroid
sudo pkgutil --forget
sudo rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/Xamarin.Android.framework
# Uninstall Xamarin.iOS
echo "Uninstalling Xamarin.iOS..."
rm -rf ~/Library/MonoTouch
sudo rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/Xamarin.iOS.framework
sudo rm -rf /Developer/MonoTouch
sudo pkgutil --forget com.xamarin.monotouch.pkg
sudo pkgutil --forget com.xamarin.xamarin-ios-build-host.pkg
# Uninstall Xamarin.Mac
echo "Uninstalling Xamarin.Mac..."
sudo rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/Xamarin.Mac.framework
rm -rf ~/Library/Xamarin.Mac
# Uninstall Workbooks and Inspector
echo "Uninstalling Workbooks and Inspector..."
sudo /Library/Frameworks/Xamarin.Interactive.framework/Versions/Current/uninstall
# Uninstall the Visual Studio for Mac Installer
echo "Uninstalling the Visual Studio for Mac Installer..."
rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/XamarinInstaller/
rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/VisualStudioInstaller/
rm -rf ~/Library/Logs/XamarinInstaller/
rm -rf ~/Library/Logs/VisualStudioInstaller/
# Uninstall the Xamarin Profiler
echo "Uninstalling the Xamarin Profiler..."
sudo rm -rf "/Applications/Xamarin"
echo "Finished Uninstallation process."
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breiter commented Jun 26, 2020

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