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Created Oct 2, 2020
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Fucking Privacy Policy

This fucking privacy policy outlines what data is collected and how it's used.

What data is collected/stored by the bot? Channel information

  • Counting Channel ID
  • Sever ID
  • Goal
  • Finished counting (true/false)
  • Powerups (true/false)
  • Curses (true/false)
  • Milestones (true/false)

Stats Information

  • User’s Discord ID

  • Guild ID

  • User’s Discord tag

  • Total counted

  • Total powerups

  • Total curses

  • Current streak

  • Longest streak

  • Total votes

  • Total coins

  • Total purchases

  • Invite link

  • Voter’s Discord ID

  • Approval message ID

  • Time approved/denied

  • Approved (true/false)

Logged Information Information here is logged temporarily and never stored.

  • Amount of servers bot is in
  • Server name
  • Counting Channel ID

Who sees this data? With the exception of advertisement information, data stored that's not public (ex leaderboards, stats) is only viewed by a developer when an issue needs to be resolved (ex duplicate data).

Can I have all of my data deleted? Yes! Please open a ticket in the support server and a developer will remove your information from the bot.

Do you sell/give away my data? No. All data stored that's not made public by the bot will never be sold.

Do any third-parties collect data? Yes, we use for data collection about our users and how they use our bots. You can view their privacy policy at

Does the bot log messages, user information, or other private info? No. All information listed above is what the bot logs and stores. Some information will be made public (such as usernames and counting info for stats/leaderboards). Other information that may potentially be private, such as server info for ads, is only logged when opted-in by the user (such as through voting and claiming a reward).

When you come into my server to fix an issue, do you read any messages? No, and we will never. If you're worried about your privacy, the only channel we need access to is your counting channel. We will not read any other messages or access any other channels.

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