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Steps to submit a Xamarin.iOS app using the Xcode Organizer

Note: these steps are for the special case where a user wishes to submit a Xamarin.iOS app to the App Store using the Xcode Organizer. In most cases the simpler option is instead to use Application Loader. See the first post on for the simpler steps and additional information.

Steps to submit a Xamarin.iOS app using the Xcode Organizer

For this example assume that the name of the Xamarin.iOS project is "iPhoneApp1".

(Modified from the helpful post here.)

  1. Use the "Build -> Archive for Publishing" workflow in Xamarin Studio to create the .xcarchive (see also the "Building the Distributable" section on the publishing guide).

  2. In Finder, locate the .xcarchive under ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/Archives. You can paste this path into "Finder -> Go -> Go to Folder" to browse the folder. Look for the .xcarchive folder under today's date. For example: 2015-05-07/iPhoneApp1\ 5-07-15\ 4.25\ AM.xcarchive.

  3. Control-click the .xcarchive and choose "Show Package Contents".

  4. Navigate to Products/Applications/

  5. Control-click the .app bundle and choose "Show Package Contents".

  6. Find the iTunesMetadata.plist file and move it to trash.

  7. Open the .xcarchive in Xcode's Organizer, for example by navigating back up the folder hierarchy and double-clicking it.

  8. Submit the app using Xcode's app submission workflow.

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